See what Jessica Tschampl (jessicatschampl) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. | Jessica Tschampl is pinning about Girl. We closely work together with team of political scientists and pedagogs from solar e.V.. Solar e.V. offers trainings, seminars and workshops on an international. Weißes im Türflügel eingesetztes Türblatt im Preis enthalten vier Gläsern (Klarglas, Chinchilla, Parsol grau, vollflächige Mattierung „Bonn“) im Preis enthalten.


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Report of the course "Training for nature" | OBUK Berlin

The training was divided in five parts, as you can obuk preisliste on the picture. After this smaller games we had a group-exercise treasure-hunt.

From point to point we explored some parts of the obuk preisliste city. At each treasure-point we had to fulfil a small task together. Some tasks were more to think about us self and our opinions, others we little games or to learn a traditional dance.


There was a rope-adventure park that offered us a obuk preisliste variety of group building activities challenging our collaboration, skills, fears and condition.

The experience was sometimes very challenging but showed us as well our power to collaborate, help and succeed… and sometimes obuk preisliste well fail: We where not allowed to communicate during the whole experience and so we had big attention for our surroundings in the forest, while climbing up the harsh mountain.

But reaching the topic a magnificent view over the valley and the mountains compensated our struggle. A relaxing time with beautiful views and in our group-silence obuk preisliste experience of nature sounds confronted with traffic and civilisation noises conquering them from the valley. After a free afternoon we reached day four of the training, that was now focusing our attention to the question how we as youth-trainers can contribute to an eco-centric appoach of youth work?

How can we get young people attracted by nature and closer to with meaningful approachs? Our group was split up in two different groups.

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With an activist from Lampedusa in Berlin Revolutions? Starting from the various aspects of the oppositional movements in the GDR East Germany we will furthermore open up perspectives for experiences from others countries.

The GDR was a so called satellite-state under the strong rule obuk preisliste the soviet regime. But with the obuk preisliste the tiny sprouts of an oppositional movement inside the GDR were growing.

Choose one of three lines.

How was it developing? How could they tear down the Wall in ?


And what happened to them after the turnaround? In a further step we will create an Open-Space to discuss, exchange and learn about and from the experiences with revolutionary movements in obuk preisliste countries of origin of the participants: To what extend were the revolutionary movements successful or failed?

Obuk preisliste did they fail?

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Who were the activists who drove the change? Which main topics and goals did the movements try to achieve? Are revolutionary movements necessary to change society in an emancipatory direction?

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Chang Nai Wen theatre project: Sisyphos der Flugelefant German right-wing and xenophobic movements Tue 9. KuBiZBernkasteler Str. We will explain right wing codes and symbols and we will provide an overview about the current situation of the right extremist and obuk preisliste movement in Germany.

In a further step the seminar will expand the view to the current situation in Europe and deal with questions such as how right-wing movements in Europe are connected to each other and why they are on the rise in Europe.

The students referred to international solidarity with obuk preisliste political and liberation movements around the world, opposed to the Iranian Shah Regime and the Vietnam-war.

In West-Germany this woke up the obuk preisliste post-Nazi society. In the s, the charismatic leader Rudi Dutschke kept the students and the German public in suspense.