BOOK III. BOOK IV. BOOK V. BOOK VI. BOOK VII. most apt to lose sight, the difference between words and things, has been most nal enmity in the language of patriotism and philosophy,–he can say the word. An earlier version of this book, entitled Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse, .. word default caused the value of the dollar to plummet on the international. Andrea Hirata (born October 24, ) is an Indonesian author best known for the novel Karpov ; Padang Bulan & Cinta di Dalam Gelas ; Sebelas Patriot ; Ayah ; Sirkus Pohon . References[edit]. Jump up ^ "Biography of the author" (PDF). "Exporting Indonesia's Written Word".


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It offers them the opportunity to contribute to the cultural environment in which its laws and policies are determined, and opportunities to participate directly and indirectly in the formation of novel sebelas patriot pdf to word laws and policies.

MasonMason goes on to claim: Part of what it is to be a citizen is to incur special obligations: In particular, citizens have an obligation to each other to participate fully in public life and an obligation to give priority to the needs of fellow citizens.

It is the second that is at issue.

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If we indeed have a duty of special concern towards compatriots, and if that is an associative duty, that is because our association with them is intrinsically valuable and bound up with this duty. The claim about the intrinsic value of our association might be thought a moot point.

But even if it were conceded, one might still resist novel sebelas patriot pdf to word claim concerning the alleged duty. If someone were to deny that she has a duty of special concern for the well-being of her country and compatriots, beyond what the laws of her country mandate and beyond the concern she has for humans and humanity, would she thereby cease to be a citizen in the sense involving equal standing?

If she were to deny that citizens generally have such an obligation, would that betray lack of understanding of what citizenship in the relevant sense is?

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If she came across two strangers in a life-threatening situation and could only save one, would she have a prima facie moral duty to save the one who was a compatriot? All the main arguments for the claim that patriotism is a duty, then, are exposed to serious objections.


Unless a new, more convincing case for patriotism can be made, we have no good reason to think that patriotism is a moral duty. If not a duty, is patriotism morally valuable? Someone showing concern for the well-being of others well beyond the degree of concern for others required of all of us is considered a morally better person than novel sebelas patriot pdf to word rest of us other things equalan example of supererogatory virtue.

One standard example of such virtue is the type of concern for those in an extreme plight shown by the late Mother Theresa, or by Doctors Without Borders.

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But they are exemplars of moral virtue for the same reason that makes a more modest degree of concern for others a moral duty falling on all of us. The same moral value, sympathy for and assistance to people in need, grounds a certain degree of concern for others as a general moral duty and explains why a significantly higher degree of such concern is a moral ideal.

This explanation, however, does not apply in the case of patriotism. Patriotism is not but another extension of the duty of concern novel sebelas patriot pdf to word others; it is a special concern for my country because it is my country, for my compatriots because they are my compatriots.


If it could, other types of partialism, such as tribalism, racism, or sexism, would by the same token prove morally valuable too.

If patriotism is neither a moral duty nor a supererogatory virtue, then all its moral pretensions have been deflated.

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It has no positive moral significance. There is nothing to be said for it, morally speaking. We all have various preferences for novel sebelas patriot pdf to word and people, tend to identify with many groups, large and small, to think of them as in some sense ours, and to show a degree of special concern for their members.

But however important in other respects these preferences, identifications, and concerns might be, they lack positive moral import. They are morally permissible as long as they are kept within certain limits, but morally indifferent in themselves. The same is true of patriotism Primoratz