Notebook Telugu Movie - Catch up latest news about Notebook Telugu movie, story, reviews, release date, photos, wiki, cast & crew only on. Oh, by the way, the notebook in the title of the movie has a fairly minimal role to play. It is a diary in Notebook (telugu) reviews See Notebook full details. Audition for hindi movie with well known production male female both can apply fresher welcome. . TELUGU FULL BUDGET FILM AUDITION. We require.


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They keep the news to themselves, fearing the sorrow and wrath of Sreedevi's parents; even Sooraj is kept in the dark, for fear that the news may leak out.

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They decide to go for an abortion in a small hospital near their school. During the Founder's Day celebrations at the school, the trio sneaks out of the campus, and reaches the hospital.

Pooja keeps watch outside the hospital while Sarah and Sreedevi go in and they convince the gynecologist for an abortion by telling several lies, including that Sreedevi had been raped.

During abortion, Sreedevi suffers excessive blood loss and dies. Sairah and Pooja flee the hospital in terror and return to school.

They are summoned to the notebook movie full movie telugu office the next day, and the doctor who came to the school as a part of an enquiry identifies Sairah. Sairah confesses that the rape story was a lie and Sreedevi actually had sex with somebody she loves, but she maintains she doesn't know who that is.

Pooja, who considers her future as important, distances herself from the whole episode, leaving Sairah embarrassed and angry.

Both remain good friends right from their childhood.


Notebook movie full movie telugu falls in love with Raju and reveals it to Raju. But he politely refuses her. Nandini teases Raju in many ways but he silently escapes every time. Nandini's father looks for an alliance for Nandini. Even as Nandini reveals to her father that she is in love with someone, he did not accept it.

Nandini goes to Raju's hut and gives her notebook movie full movie telugu, in which she writes down her opinion on him and asks him to write his opinion on her before the sunrise next day as Nandini's father fixes her engagement with some boy the next day.

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Though Raju writes down all his love and affection in his heart towards her, he could not give it to her in time. Unable to share her life with someone other than Notebook movie full movie telugu, Nandini commits suicide.

After Nandini's father lights the fire to the pyre, Raju jumps into it and commits suicide. There are many Big Movies in market which are really a Crap to watch and they are running only because of the Marketting.

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Though Notebook being a low budget movie, it has really set up high expectations and has made me a fan of Chandu and most importantly Notebook movie full movie telugu. I am sure, those who watched 10th Class and Notebook would agree to my point. A Message to Chandu Every director has his style of making a movie and I am sure, with the unique reputation you have in making films, you will definaly be recognized as one of the best directors in this industry.

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