From N. J. Turnpike North (Exit 16E) or Route 3: Take NJ Transit # bus from NY Port Authority Bus Terminal at 40th Street & 8th Avenue,(South Wing) 3rd. - Detour in Weehawken and Union City (updated) Buses traveling toward Union City/Jersey City will travel from Route West, bypass. To view bus timetables in PDF format, select the bus route number below. TIP: To quickly jump to your bus route, click the selector box below and type the route.


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I have seen these buses, and they are almost always close to empty.

It will be interesting to see how this change affects the jitney world. Until recently, almost all morning rush hour trips started at the Congress Street Light Rail station.


There was only one bus every hour or so in the morning rush between Congress Street and Christ Hospital. A 'bus'-y week for Jersey City Ricardo Kaulessar Hudson Reporter staff nj transit 123 bus schedule February 17, With all the problems regarding cutbacks in bus service across Jersey City, last week brought good news on the mass transit front.

NJT bus schedule

NJ Transit will extend the number Bus so that it runs further down Palisade Avenue, making up for the change in route of a different company's 99S bus. The new service is scheduled to start April 5 for a nine-month trial run. More than people attended the meeting. Mory Thomas, who has lived on Palisade Avenue near the Nj transit 123 bus schedule City-Union City border for nine years, said he works in Manhattan and was dependent on the previous 99S bus to get to work.

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Going to need the origin, destination, travel date and departure time and only then will we give em the next two departure, forget about an actual, you know, schedule.

Favorites delete if not nj transit 123 bus schedule space when downloading a movie! NJT fix your app to protect saved favorites! Decided to download a movie before leaving home. Checked my favorite list for bus time.

Forbidden Region - DOSarrest Internet Security

Bus in 15 min! Nj transit 123 bus schedule let me download movie. Total trip is minutes, depending on traffic. When you get off the bus, walk east left of where the bus was traveling about three short blocks to Troy Towers, Mountain Road. Please note, there are two special Troy Towers weekday runs of the bus in the morning that leave from our front door at 7: Other times, the nj transit 123 bus schedule travels down Palisade Avenue 7 days a week, all day and evening, with more frequent service minute intervals during rush hours.

For current schedule information, please call the Township of Weehawken Manager's office at Going to New York, a fleet of buses wait on the NY side to take you up, down, and across town via all major thoroughfares.