Download Nigeria Highway Code apk and all version history for Android. Look with the eyes, see with the mind. Learn the Nigeria Highway Code today. The Highway Code is a set of information, advice, guides and mandatory rules for all road users in the United Kingdom. Its objective is to promote road safety. FALLING ROCKS. UNEVEN ROAD. LOOSE CHIPPINGS. > · Have comments? Write us >> · Drivers licence. Nigeria Highway Code,


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Slow down if necessary to help and let the overtaking vehicle pass. On an ordinary nigeria highway code road, give way to vehicles coming towards you before you overtake parked vehicles or other obstructions on nigeria highway code right side of the road.

Sometimes, two vehicles are nearly double parked an illegal act in itselfor other impediments such as road work, potholes, or mounds of garbage obstruct both sides of the road.

The Highway Code - Wikipedia

Drivers approaching such obstacles are usually unable to determine which of them should give way to the other. The general rule nigeria highway code that the vehicle further from the stationary object should slow down or stop to allow the nearer vehicle to go first. Common sense however should compel both drivers to show adequate caution and consideration for each nigeria highway code.

Never compete for speed supremacy with other motorists; do not gamble with your life and life of others in traffic; it is sure to end in a crash.

Nigeria Highway Code APK

Violators stand the risk of being prosecuted according to the National Road Traffic Regulations. Always watch out nigeria highway code these. Why will a driver do this especially on the highway?


Expressway When you join the expressway other than at its start, you will approach from a road on the right a slip road.

Give way to traffic already on the highway, and then accelerate in the nigeria highway code lane the acceleration lane so that when you join the inside lane, you are already travelling at the same speed as the traffic on it. You should not exceed the prescribed speed limit for that highway.

Special intersections called interchanges are designed to enable you cross, enter or leave the expressway without interfering with other vehicles.

Use your mirrors, and concentrate always. nigeria highway code

The highway code in Nigeria: Examples of domestic strategies : Semiotica

Watch out for vehicles entering the expressway. There are both minimum and maximum speed limits on the expressway. Offenders may be cautioned, given licence penalty points, nigeria highway code, banned from driving, or imprisoned, depending on the severity of the offence.

Nigeria highway code failure to comply with the other rules would not, in itself, cause a person to be prosecuted, the Highway Code may be used in court under the Road Traffic Act to establish liability.

In general, only the latest official printed version of the Highway Nigeria highway code should be used but in legal proceedings, whether civil or criminal, the version current at the time of the incident would apply. The Road Traffic Act states: A failure on the part of a person to observe a provision of The Highway Code shall not of itself render that person liable to criminal proceedings of any kind but any such failure may in any proceedings whether civil or criminal, and including proceedings for an offence under the Traffic Acts, the [ c.