Netter's Neurology, 2nd Edition, by Drs. H. Royden Jones, Jayashri Srinivasan, Gregory J. Allam, and Richard A. Baker, uses visually rich Netter artwork to. Netter's Neurology has 9 ratings and 1 review. Laine said: AMAZING book! anyone whom might be interested in the field of neurology should get their hands. Purchase Netter's Neurology - 2nd Edition. Print Book. ISBN


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Allam, and Richard A. Baker, uses visually rich Netter artwork to efficiently provide you with a concise overview of general neurology and its intersection with internal medicine, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, psychiatry, and orthopedics.

Get a quick and memorable netters neurology of anatomy, pathophysiology, netters neurology clinical presentation from the precision and beauty of Netter and Netter-style plates that highlight key neuroanatomical and neurologic concepts.

Explore specific clinical applications with vignettes included throughout the text that bring each topic to life. Find the information you need quickly and easily thanks to the short text and netters neurology topic overviews.

The single illustration of a lumbar puncture which appears in several places shows a rather plump lady in a less than ideal position lying on her right netters neurology.

Netter's Neurology -

Netters neurology majority of lumbar punctures are done by right handers with the patient on their left side. On the few occasions where I have been forced to do a lumbar puncture in a left handed position it has proved extremely difficult: It is equally important that the drawings illustrate people netters neurology are likely to have the disease.

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netters neurology The illustrations for Herpes Zoster are misleading. A netters neurology man is shown suffering from first division facial Herpes Zoster and an elderly woman is shown with T8 shingles; in reality the opposite age and sex are more likely.

It is disconcerting to see testing for doll's head eye movements in an alert sitting patient.


Such testing is only useful in an unconscious patient in a lying position and then only after careful investigation to exclude coincidental neck injury. This illustration conveys entirely the wrong impression of the use of this test.

There is a confusing illustration of chronic subdural haematoma complicating cerebral atrophy due to Alzheimer's disease.

This netters neurology seem a minor point, but if this is going to be the sole easily recollected feature from this section it is important to stress that the absence of blood is a feature of chronic netters neurology haematoma—certainly not fresh drops of blood over the surface of the brain, as shown.

Netter's Neurology by H. Royden Jones

There are also several areas where the illustrations have been allowed to overwhelm the text in a way that distorts the basic principles of illustration. It also accounts for the fact that there are chapters, many netters neurology which are merely a whole page illustration and a rather brief accompanying clinical note.

One wonders whether combining some of these brief chapters netters neurology considering whether the illustration is really adding information might be helpful in future editions. Once again the myth has been perpetuated that cerebral tumours in adults present as headache, vomiting and papillooedema.

This triad is only applicable to children with posterior fossa tumours and in my own and most of my colleagues' experience, I suspect, such presentations are extremely rare; it is the subtlety of presentation of cerebral tumours that makes early diagnosis a minefield for the unwary neurologist.

It has been my lifetime experience that the more one knows the harder it is to be a confident neurologist.