Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Korg monotron DUO. Rated / 5 by 4 customers! The Monotron Duo is a cool little box with plenty of fun sounds in it. Just don't expect too much from it. Adding a second oscillator and an x-mod. The music world was taken by surprise in when Korg announced the release of a new pocket-sized synth. Could this really be Korg.


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The last two knobs control the cut off and peak of the famous Korg filter.


The tone generated is that of a very full and rich square wave. One of the things that strikes you about this synth is the fullness of the tone; the single oscillator alone produces a meaty sound that can make the filters really scream, and its rich depth belies its diminutive stature.

The technical workings of x-modulation and how it works in single oscillator mode are complex but it only takes a little bit of playing around before monotron duo Duo starts making some truly remarkable and inspiring sounds.

In two oscillator mode you can come up with some great classic mono lead sounds; pitch one of the oscillators up or down to create warm fifths, or take a subtler approach by dabbling in pulsing, throbbing vibrato monotron duo tones.

You can plug other sound sources into this unit via the auxiliary input at the back, allowing the user access to the famous filters.

Korg Monotron Duo review | MusicRadar

Although the products in the Monotron series look like toys, they have the weight of a powerful legacy behind them. There are other ribbon synths on the market, of course; the famous Stylophone brand are still introducing new products and there is a mini ribbon controller by Gakken too.

Will they go the whole hog and give us a new analogue keyboard to go along with their ribbon synths in the future? Wide range ribbon control. The Duo concept revolves around a relatively simple twist on the Monotron: The Duo's twin VCOs nominally produce square waves, but a quick check with an oscilloscope reveals that the shape is quite a bit more harmonically rich than a pure square, like a square with a bit of sawtooth blended in to add some bite.

It's vaguely similar to the effect created by modulating pitch with the LFO on monotron duo original Monotron, but the Duo's two VCOs both respond to monotron duo keyboard input, rather than the modulation frequency being fixed.


It takes a few minutes to get the hang of the Duo's options. If all this sounds a little confusing, fear not.

The bottom line is that, just like the original, you don't really need to know how the Duo works in order to coax some monotron duo sounds out of it.

With VCO2 pitch at lower settings, cross-modulation makes the sound monotron duo edgy and slightly atonal. Crank VCO2 up and it gets brighter and more cutting.

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To add monotron duo the sonic range, the classic MS filter section from the original Monotron is still present, sculpting the tone from mellow subby basslines to ear-splitting leads. As a pure synthesis tool, the Duo is significantly more versatile than the original Monotron.

Of course, all this comes at a monotron duo. The Duo loses the original Monotron's LFO and with it the ability to modulate oscillator pitch or filter monotron duo. VCO2 can be tuned down below the audio frequency range for LFO-style pitch modulation, but the wave shape and the fact that it tracks the keyboard make it sound quite different to the original.

The Dual Oscillator monotron DUO offers X-MOD capabilities for generating even more extreme sounds.

Likewise, the auxiliary input monotron duo still present in order to process any signal through the filter, but given that the Duo has no LFO you might be better off with the original Monotron if this is a priority.

Duo monotron duo When we reviewed Korg's Monotribe we loved the introduction of the new ribbon modes - narrow, wide and chromatic - which affected the response of the Monotron-derived synth engine's tiny keyboard.


In chromatic mode, the Monotribe quantises your finger's position on the ribbon to the nearest note, monotron duo it much easier to play in tune with other instruments.