Palabras clave: W. Benjamin, arte moderno, modernidad. Artículo recibido: 22 de julio de ; aceptado: 11 de noviembre de * Este artículo es producto. El grupo Modernidad/colonialidad es uno de los más importantes colectivos de pensamiento crítico activos en América Latina durante la primera década del. Para Habermas, “la modernidad es un proyecto inacabado”.1 A tal punto que Habermas muestra que el discurso filosófico acerca de la modernidad se fue.


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The University of Chicago Press. El encubrimiento del otro. Modernidad definicion el origen del mito de la modernidad. El final del salvaje.


Puerto Ricans in a Global Perspective. University of California Press.

Modernidad definicion yahoo dating

Views from the Other Side of Modernity. This is seen by the authors as a consequence of the impact that mass-media technologies have produced in individuals leading to a modernidad definicion form of experience: The culture of the image is omnipresent, diluting art into aesthetization and the subject into the objectivization of consumption.

We can see that modernidad definicion is a loss of historicity in the postmodern individual-originating from the speed of audiovisual information-upon perceiving, on a screen, the world in an instanct, without references to either a past or a modernidad definicion.

The new technologies are the product of a new stage of capitalism, even more so modernidad definicion in the modernity of massive consumption.

As a consequence of these three factors aesthetization, ahistoricity, consumptionthere has emerged a hedonistic ethos which differentiates itself from its modern vanguardist antecedents in that it is no longer the transgressor of a religious moral, or the secularism of duty, because pleasure is no modernidad definicion forbidden.


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20th WCP: Hedonismo y Fractura de la Modernidad

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Grupo modernidad/colonialidad

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