Ditinjau dari sudut penyusutan sumber daya alam dunia yang sangat terbatas kelangkaan lapangan pekerjaan yang memadai, serta mobilitas sosial yang minim. Dalam Seandainya saja tingkat kesehatan, pendidikan, dan kesejahteraan. FUAD ARDLIN, KAPITALISME DALAM PENDIDIKAN: Deskripsi tentang Mobilitas Sosial. /Jurnal/Sosiologi Reflektif/Volume 3, No mendorong proyek-proyek riset bersama dan mendorong mobilitas mahasiswa Dalam hal lembaga pendidikan yang hadir di pameran, sekali lagi dari “Pembangunan Sosial” ke “Kewirausahaan Sosial”, dan dari “Ilmu.


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Di atas kertas, sinema kita seharusnya bisa menjadi cermin dari keragaman bangsa.

Mobilitas Sosial untuk Pemula

Kenyataannya, yang terjadi malah sebaliknya. Menonton kedua dokumenter ini akan mengingatkan kita kalau tantangan terbesar sinema Indonesia saat ini bukanlah menjadi orisinil, tapi menjadi otentik.

Yang perlu mobiliti sosial dalam pendidikan lakukan sekarang adalah merekam realita apa adanya. In the former, Shalahuddin Siregar followed the daily lives of two mobiliti sosial dalam pendidikan families in Genikan, who strive to endure through erratic climate changes.

In the latter, Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni recorded the struggle of a couple of former street punks in Gamping, who try to raise their family on meager earnings from odd jobs and a small pig farm. Both films are set in Central Java, Indonesia, though the shooting locations are 42 kilometers apart.

If we calculate the length of the road connecting Genikan and Gamping, we will get figures around 61 to 70 kilometers.

Mobilitas Sosial untuk Pemula – Jurnal Footage

Such distance mobiliti sosial dalam pendidikan also reflected in the stark contrast of lifestyle between the two villages. Genikan is a remote village on the slopes of Mount Merbabu, where most people live by farming, while Gamping is located just slightly outside of Yogyakarta, one of the relatively developed cities in Indonesia.

Such geographical convenience provides more jobs, more means of survival, to the people of Gamping, along with the jobs and means of survival already available in their own village.

Intriguingly, despite the distance in lifestyle and mobiliti sosial dalam pendidikan location, the residents of Gamping and Genikan are connected by one similar problem: In The Land Beneath the Fog, this issue is dominant throughout the latter half of the film.

Arifin, an outstanding student in his class, wants to continue his education to publick junior high school, but his parents are far from rich. Minutes from the opening, we see the couple enraged after learning that their son has been skipping classes.

The school tuition is not cheap, and their coffer is not exactly overflowing with gold coins. The matter about children education is interesting to be explored further. We can perceive it as the popular imagination of the local community, some kind of common hope among the people.

No reason given, none of the filmmakers mobiliti sosial dalam pendidikan the matter further. This assumption could be formulated by dissecting the way the filmmakers present their movie.

Everthing is up close and personal. The farthest distance between the audience with the protagonist is medium shot. The presence of the camera was mobiliti sosial dalam pendidikan invisible for their subjects, or rather they were used to having cameras around them given the sufficient length of time to research of each filmmaker.

Of these close observations, we could map mobiliti sosial dalam pendidikan the spaces that make up these workers lives; all of them are tied to the urgent need to survive.

This is the unifying thread of both films.


The protagonists are workers mobiliti sosial dalam pendidikan commute and occupy their workspace to ensure their life, while their necessities become a neverending cycle of bills that comes in different names. There is no way out, no opportunity to move up to a better standard of living.

KAPITALISME DALAM PENDIDIKAN : Deskripsi tentang Mobilitas Sosial

In The Land Beneath the Fog, we found the farmers go back and forth between their homes and paddy fields. The mobiliti sosial dalam pendidikan of the story, or the most crucial moment that filmmaker pick in mobiliti sosial dalam pendidikan struggle, is the trip to the market, where the farmers exchange the fruits of their labor with a sum of money, which was then used to pay their bills.

Ironically, the fluctuating market values result in just enough money to pay their short-term needs, very little even none left to be saved for long-term needs.

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