Marvel comics in recent years have had somewhat convoluted plots and increasingly dark stories. so why not have a series for everyone that pokes fun at all. Mini Marvels: The Complete Collection by Chris Giarrusso · Mini Marvels: Stories, Illustrations, Comics, Variant Covers More work by Chris Giarrusso (*variant. Miniature versions of Marvel characters. The stories are focused on a young audience because of the childish art and the comical elements that are present in.


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However, Mini Marvels is still an ongoing series.

Many pot-shots at Marvel themselves. This universe's Sentry, in particular, gets a nasty one from mini marvels comics other than the Mini Marvels-verse Deadpool: Why doesn't anyone remember me?

Books by Chris Giarrusso

mini marvels comics I'm the Sentry, darnit! You remember mini marvels comics, don't you? The scrappy archer appears in many of the strips and usually serves as the protagonist; it's nice to see a writer who knows that not every story needs to star Wolverine or Spider-Man. I also love Giarrusso's take on Iron Man, whose ego hasn't diminished despite his smaller stature here.

Spidey and the Mini-Marvels Vol 1 1 | Marvel Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The biggest shame is that Marvel cancelled the title because they feared people would confuse it with their craptastic new cartoon Super Hero Squad.

This nauseating animated series is all the things Mini Marvels isn't: In fact it seems to have been written by those same brain-damaged children. mini marvels comics

So, a smart and clever title was cancelled so that a stupid one could live. But then, that's the way of today's rotten world.

Mini Marvels: The Complete Collection - Marvel Comics

If Marvel had been smart they would've given Giarrusso a steady job and sold the property as a Sunday comics feature with national distribution.

Click to email this to a friend Opens in new mini marvels comics Hey bro. You reading Hawkguy mini marvels comics A couple of things had always put me off previously: I absolutely loved this book.


It was super adorable. The art is cute and fits the characters well. The comic is written for all ages, so the humour is wide reaching mini marvels comics works well for a series of comics meant to fit a wide variety.