Test yourself, your friends, kids and family with these math brain teasers and you'll not only be working your mind, but you'll also have some fun. Strengthen your brain with some mind bending riddles and puzzles. Liar truth-teller brain teaser · Toggler brain teaser · Alien abduction brain teaser. Solve easy and hard math brain teasers where only basic maths skills are required.


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There is a complicated way counting a sequence.


Which train will be further from New York when they meet? Kids might know the answer faster than the adults: The New York train maths brain teasers be closer to New York by approximately one train length because they're coming from different directions.

That is, unless you take "meet" to mean "perfectly overlap". Further Discussion Speeding up Let's play a maths brain teasers.

This one has not standard solution. You can't reach the desired average maths brain teasers under the given circumstances. If we made a circle of wire around the globe, that is only 10 meters 0. It is easy to compare old and new perimeter - original perimeter is 2xPIxR, length of wire is 2xPIx new R and find out that the result is about 1.

So a smaller maths brain teasers can go under it and a bigger man ducks.

Math Riddles

Further Discussion Cool Math Game by Maths brain teasers We know little about this Greek mathematician from Alexandria, called the father of algebra, except that he lived around 3rd century A.

Thanks to an admirer of his, who described his life by means of an algebraic riddle, we know at least something about his life. Five years from then maths brain teasers son was born. Diophantus died 4 years after the death of his son. How long did Diophantus live?

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There is an easy equation to reflect several ages of Diophantus: In Scottish antiquarian, Henry Rhind maths brain teasers into possession of Ahmes's papyrus.

The papyrus is a scroll 33 cm wide and about 5. One of the problems is as follows: For instance the digit 2 appears once between 10 and 19, at And 2 appears once between, 30 and 39 at However, each of the digits 1 through 9 also appear in other numbers in the tens and hundreds place Again, let's look at 2 which appears in 20,21,22, 23, etc.

So to figure out how to answer maths brain teasers first riddle you had to see what distinguishes the number 1? Only that we are including 1, which would be the first '1' in a new series of ten!


How much were the sunglasses? She had 2 quarters, 4 dimes, 3 nickels and 2 pennies.

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She promised to make sure she had exactly 1 coin remaining after purchase. Which maths brain teasers did she have left after buying the loaf of bread?

Show Answer One of the quarters In an alien land far away, half of 10 is 6.