Define materials handling. materials handling synonyms, materials handling pronunciation, materials handling translation, English dictionary definition of. Moving goods or materials within short distances in a storage area is known as material handling (called by some materials handling). Fork-lift trucks are the equipment used most frequently in material handling. Material Handling Definitions. Material handling is the combination of art and science of: ◦ moving. ◦ storing. ◦ protecting. ◦ controlling the material. Material.


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Power trucks and forklifts are used for lifting bulky or heavy loads, often in connection with trailers that transport the materials along a particular route for distribution.

Conveyors and monorails, powered artificially or by gravity, are also widely used in the short-distance transfer of materials within a plant and for sorting and assembly line production. Containers that range from boxes material handling definition bins to truck-size proportions help to reduce the amount of handling needed for materials and parts material handling definition to maximize efficiency through transportation in large units.


Frames are also used, with or without pallets, as a way material handling definition optimizing the use of vertical storage space. Generally, optimal efficiency of handling involves a balance between the desired speed of an individual shipment and its size, weight, and composition. To maximize efficient use material handling definition space within a facility, it is important to keep work areas organized and free of clutter, to maximize density in storage areas without compromising accessibility and flexibilityand to utilize overhead space.


Material movement and storage should be coordinated throughout all processes, from receiving, inspection, storage, production, assembly, packaging, unitizing and order selection, to shipping, transportation and the handling of returns.

Energy use and potential environmental impact should be considered when designing the system, with reusability and recycling processes implemented when possible, as well as safe practices established for handling hazardous materials. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word material handling.

The high cost of using an industrial material handling definition for material transport is due to both the labor costs of the operator and the negative impact on the performance of a production system e. Although granular, liquid, and gaseous materials can be material handling definition in bulk, they can also be contained into unit loads using bags, drums, and cylinders.

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