|Iss. Date. IDTN. Og. Number: CD JCM Series. MASTER VOLUE Pnomp. Circuit Ologrom. ALL COUNTRIES. Marshall. |Jim Marshall. (Products) Ltd. Mods for JCM Note: there are many versions of the schematic for this amp, proceed with caution!! VERIFY These are more standard Marshall values. Download MARSHALL JCM DUALREV 50W service manual & repair info for electronics experts.


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Power amp section mods applies to and models: Many s converted from s to EL34s had the bias circuit incorrectly configured.

Free Marshall Diagrams, Schematics, Service Manuals :: Schematics Unlimited

Photograph of a PA20 from In July Marshall dropped the Plexi face plates and switched to the gold colored brushed aluminium metal face plates as we know them still today.

The US distributor at that time Unicord Inc. Too many Marshalls were coming back under warranty with defective output tubes. Instead of fitting new EL34's, Unicord decided to fit 's, thinking that these "heavier" tubes would last beyond marshall jcm 900 schematic warranty period.

This in itself was true, but many American guitar players were marshall jcm 900 schematic why their Marshall amps sounded so different from their European brothers. Some people actually like the bright sound of the 's in their Marshall amps but most guitar players prefer the original sound of the EL34's.

Marshall JCM900 4100

It looks just like a 20W Marshall amp. It's a 4 input, 2 channel amp featuring a tremolo.

Standard pre amp circuits with 2x ECC83 Marshall, ? Photograph of a beautiful red JMP from It was the tremolo version of the It used the tremolo chassis in a 4x10" combo cabinet.

Marshall Diagrams, Schematics, Service Manuals

See Jacques Marshall Bluesbreaker page for some nice pictures. It used the tremolo chassis in a 2x12" combo cabinet. This is a two channel amp, one channel is that of a Lead amp and the other channel is that of a Bass marshall jcm 900 schematic, making it quite a versatile amp.

The is the combo version of this head. It was discontinued in just prior to the introduction of the JCM range. This is the Bass version of the amp. It features a high treble channel and a normal channel. Photograph of a JMP from Photograph courtesy Marshall jcm 900 schematic Pampel of Obsolete Electronics.

This is the Organ version of the amp. Later this was expanded to 6 inputs and 6 channels.


Photograph of a JMP It had a transistor pre amp and a 1x EL84 power amp. Marshall jcm 900 schematic your tubes until you get voltage everywhere it used to be, because those things are getting expensive. Thanx to John Walker.

Marshall Schematics

User manual for Split Channel models: Photograph of a JCM combo on the extension cabinet. Thanx to Jelle Falk. I've seen these amps fitted with 2 Celestion G12T speakers.

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