Bona Sforza has 8 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Ossolineum, pages, Hardcover. Bona Queen, consort of Sigismund I, King of Poland . historyczna by Józef Ignacy Kraszewski(Book); Bona Sforza by Maria Bogucka(Book). Bona Sforza was born on February 2, in Vigevano, Italy. She grew up surrounded by stories about great world explorers, danger from the.


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Thus "she undertook to make Poland a centralized national state in accord with the pattern emerging in Spain, France and England," working to check and balance "the power of the lords, lay and clerical.

She began a vast building program, provided for mercenary armies, and arranged a series of politically advantageous marriages for her children. Along the way she enriched herself as well as the royal treasury, which drew criticism, though her efforts "to relieve Poland by bringing in the revenues from her Italian estates" maria bogucka bona sforza no praise.

As her husband's health maria bogucka bona sforza, Bona Sforza "became the real ruler of Poland," and whatever criticism she endured in her own day, her achievements have been recognized by some modern historians: Bona exerted a powerful influence on the form of the modern Polish state not only by reason of her intellectual gifts but even more because she possessed a profound feeling for the essential needs of the state.

She fused completely the foreign Italian strand with the emerging Polish national movement.

The Monstrous Regiment of Women: Bona Sforza, Queen of Poland: "Her Yoke Chafed"

In the social and economic sphere she aspired through her excellent reforms to create a strong authority based on just distribution of goods. In many respects Bona maria bogucka bona sforza ahead of her times and that was the tragedy of her life. Sigismund preferred Barbara Radziwill, daughter of a Lithuanian noble, whom he married secretly in Bona was not the only one to object to her son's marriage; the Polish diet insisted that Sigismund repudiate his maria bogucka bona sforza, but at length, in the face of Sigismund's insistence, they accepted her.

Barbara died, childless, inand although Bona had reconciled herself to her daughter-in-law, she was suspected of having poisoned her.

Bona Sforza by Maria Bogucka

Bona was not reconciled to her son, however, and she decided to return to her Italian duchy of Bari for health reasons, as she claimed. Her son opposed her departure from Poland. Bona's return maria bogucka bona sforza Italy gave her no peace, however.

Philip II of Spain, having defeated the French in Italy, was determined that she should cede to him her claims in Naples and "appropriated" much of the income from maria bogucka bona sforza estates.


She died in poverty in and was buried in Bari. Despite her talents and abilities, Bona Sforza was resented in Poland, viewed with a mixture of dislike and suspicion.


Roland Bainton's maria bogucka bona sforza of her sounds a note that is by now very familiar: The Italian princess was used to a diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and olive oil, but in Poland they ate a lot of meat, which made her sick.

Polish cuisine was based on meat, beans, and some strongly-spiced foods. After a few months, she started to grow her own vegetables in the garden near Wawel castle.

Queen Bona's gardens at Wawel Castle. He was the last king of the Jagiellon Dynasty, and a disappointment to his mother. He didn't have the impressive skills maria bogucka bona sforza his father, which had allowed Sigismund I achieve huge successes as a ruler.

Bona Sforza had six children. They were well-prepared to rule with their husbands and became important in European political life.

Sigismund II August, her only son to survive until adulthood, was a romantic and focused on his marriages and art more than on being a serious king.

Painting by Lucas Cranach the Younger. Public Domain Maria bogucka bona sforza was very active in foreign policy.

Bona Queen, consort of Sigismund I, King of Poland [WorldCat Identities]

She was opposed to the Habsburg family and supported the actions of the Ottoman Empire. Her correspondence with Hurrem Sultan, legal wife of Suleiman the Maria bogucka bona sforza, has been lost, but some details are still well known.

It is believed that due to the good relationship between Bona Sforza and Hurrem Sultan, Poland was saved from the attack of the Ottoman Army.