Information and suggestions for playing proper Mahjong tournament strategy. We've compiled a list of suggestions and recommendatiosn for playing and. In order to be successful at mahjong you should study the scoring elements of your chosen style. You don't need to memorize every single. As a matter of fact, Hong Kong boasts about Mahjong clubs, Japan . Reverse strategy, when smartly taken can help in saving a good amount of money.


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It is fact that there are over thousands of players who have become hardened professionals and make a living out of this game.

Therefore, what exactly are the skill elements required for you to become a proper player of Mahjong? It is required an extensive answer for the above question.

The fundamentals of this game are to draw and discard and there is an objective to form a pair and four groups, which is common for all.

It is the mahjong strategy scoring system used that makes the main difference. Learning how a finished Mahjong hand is to be appropriately mahjong strategy, the values of the points, needs practice. No mistake is to be made and one should learn by the hard way about the different scoring elements present in the variants of the game, for becoming a consistent winner.

Mahjong Stratgey

Skill here is necessary and it is the capability of selecting quickly the possible scoring elements and their combinations, which suit the tiles better mahjong strategy could assist in achieving the minimum point score.

Also, it is essential to perform it under pressure, while adapting flexibly to the constantly changing game. While drawing mahjong strategy tiles, the opponents would mahjong strategy their discards thrown out to develop their hands. Thus new opportunities arise as the earlier ones disappear.


If you have a pair that does not open anything yet, leave it until you need it. Concentrate on matching tiles mahjong strategy horizontal lines, as these are usually more difficult to remove. When you have 3 or more identical tiles free and matchable, match the pair that will free the most new tiles.

Matching the wrong pair can lead to unsolvable situations later on. When you mahjong strategy first dealt a hand recognize the potential combinations you can develop and shoot for them.

Of course, your original plan may change quite a few times as the mahjong strategy progresses. This is why it is essential to know the scoring chart.


If more then three are needed you should play mahjong strategy a draw. When playing for the draw, do not discard a Wind or Dragon before mahjong strategy else unless it's your own. Never play with doubles and never claim one for a triplet. You should keep your hand concealed and do not pung or chow.

In what order should I play my Tiles? Isolated Ordinary Winds — These have no use to you and probably the same can be said for you're opponents too unless they already posses some.

Basic Strategy - Mahjong Wiki (麻将维基)

Making a big hand usually involves sacrificing speed and mahjong strategy rate to get a higher score. This has the effect of giving the opponents more time and more chance to win their hands.


If an mahjong strategy has a better hand which is both faster and bigger, it would be very risky to go for a big hand.