Yours for only 99 cents: the rare recalled Newsweek edition commemorating Hillary Clinton's election as president. Or maybe not. As NBC. With Emad Al Muhtaseb, Rakeen Saad, Farah Al-Majali, Carmen Lebbos. Norah Sa'ad, a deeply idealistic cabinet minister becomes the first female president of. Madam President, Washington, District of Columbia. M likes. A project of EMILY's List with the goal of electing the first woman President of the.


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But it appears that it is quite impossible to make a clear distinction between what characterizes the president and what defines the woman. In episode 5, as her children become the center of media attention since she has decided that they would attend a public school, she warns some members of madam president press that her children should be off limits from media scrutiny.

She tells them not to mess with her kids but she exclaims that she speaks not as "Mac the president but [as] Mac the mother". There it appears that the female part of her character and the presidential part seem to coalesce. In a madam president reversal, the presidential function is made similar to the maternal function: As mentioned before, there are times when the character casts aside her presidential role in order to express herself as a woman.

In episode 15, which is dedicated to anti-crime protests, she talks in front of a group of parents who have lost children in gang warfare and she tells them she madam president their grief "as a woman and as a mother".

Madam President by Lane Smith

In this ongoing dialectics between president and woman, it remains quite unclear which one gains the upper hand. If her femaleness is sometimes toned down in order to prove her presidential stature, it is at other times what is put forward as when her husband suggests in episode 7 that her "presence is larger than the presidency".

As McKenzie Allen is constantly described as madam president first female president, it is necessary to show that she can be a good leader and also a woman capable of running her private life, which the series equates with being a good mother and wife.

The expression "all woman" implies a certain degree of femininity to counter the madam president that powerful women on screen tend to be overly masculine and figures of potential emasculation for men around them.

Newsweek's 'Madam President' cover already a collector's item

Fictional female politicians, much like their real counterparts, have to be both feminine and strong without endangering the masculinity of their male colleagues. In the very last episode of the series, Allen has to choose what she will wear for madam president official portrait that will hang in the National Gallery.

A young political consultant who specializes in polls and electoral politics suggests that she should wear a dress or a skirt in madam president to show that she is "strong but feminine".


Although the audience never knows her final decision, this remark is symptomatic of the special attention female politicians get about their appearance. In other words, the series tries to prove that a female president can be an efficient president while still complying madam president public expectations about her femininity and with traditional gender roles, in the sense that she has to be a loving mother and wife.

Called the "First Gentleman", he has to deal with the role traditionally devolved to the First Lady, that is mainly choosing the menus of the White House and performing traditional madam president roles. The series relies heavily on this blurring of the line between husband and personal advisor, implying that a female madam president needs the backing of her husband, no matter how mocked his new status can be.

Allison Taylor is indeed a woman but she is also a president. In 24, madam president gender of the president is almost never addressed as a political issue.

Madam President: how Newsweek reported a Clinton victory | Media | The Guardian

In fact the only time her gender is taken into account is not political but physical. In episode 12, the leader of a group of African mercenaries who have invaded the White House slaps her, a gesture which would be entirely madam president in relation to a male president.

By slapping her, Madam president Juma attacks her more as a woman than as a president. But she soon regains her composure and maintains a presidential posture. Apart from this reference to her gender, nothing in the series points at her being a woman.

Newsweek Madam President Hillary Clinton Recalled Commemorative Edition B3

As explained before, her political and military capacity as a leader is never questioned. She is described as "decisive and even downright martial" Stanley.

The daughter appears for several episodes but she madam president an adult whom her mother is highly suspicious madam president.

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