In order to provide today's users with that fast connections, LTE relies on radio access and employs non-radio aspects with System Architecture. LTE Network Architecture: Basic. NETMANIAS. This document provides a brief overview of the LTE network architecture as the first technical document of “LTE” area. First, the LTE network reference model is defined and its basic Evolved Packet System (EPS) entities and the functions of each entity are described. SAE System Architecture Evolution will offer a number of key advantages: Improved data capacity: With 3G LTE offering data download rates of Mbps, and the focus of the system being on mobile broadband, it will be necessary for the network to be able to handle much greater levels of data.


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Higher layers use different logical channels for different QoS metrics.

LTE Network Architecture

The eNB scheduler makes sure radio resources are dynamically allocated to UEs and performs QoS control to ensure each bearer is allocated the negotiated QoS.

It includes the following elements: When 3G was first developed, voice was still carried as circuit switched data. Since then there has been a relentless move to IP data. With increased levels of interaction being lte system architecture and much faster responses, the new SAE concepts have lte system architecture evolved to ensure that the levels of latency have been reduced to around 10 ms.


This will ensure lte system architecture applications using 3G LTE will be sufficiently responsive. A key element for any operator is to reduce costs. SGW acts as a local mobility entity for inter eNB handovers.


It also acts a mobility anchor for inter 3GPP mobility. SGW is responsible for packet routing and forwarding, buffering the downlink packets.


The evolved lte system architecture core communicates with packet data networks in the outside world lte system architecture as the internet, private corporate networks or the IP multimedia subsystem.

The interfaces between the different parts of the system are denoted Uu, S1 and SGi as shown below: The mobile equipment comprised of the following important modules: A SCTP association can have multiple addresses at each end.

LTE Network Architecture: Basic | NETMANIAS

Delivers sequenced data in a stream Elimination of head-of-line blocking: SCTP ensures the sequenced delivery of data with lte system architecture unidirectional streams, without blocking the chunks of data in other direction. The P-GW informs the charging system about pre-paid users payload in real time.

Diameter protocol is used in the Gy interface. These rules contain charging related information as well as Quality of Service QoS parameters that will be used in the bearer lte system architecture.

Diameter protocol lte system architecture used in the Gx interface. It does not have a circuit-switched domain, which is traditionally used for phone calls and SMS.