Tamil mythology means the stories and sacred narratives belonging to the Tamil people. . The story of Chidambaram begins with Lord Shiva strolling into the Thillai Vanam (vanam meaning forest and thillai trees - botanical name Exocoeria. Lord Shiva Tamil Stories - நந்தி ?v=ni8nQ To watch the rest of the videos. Lord Shiva Tamil Stories - கீர்த்தி முகம் ?v=W06Ms To watch the rest of the.


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Sati learnt about the yagna and asked Shiva to go with her.

Tamil mythology - Wikipedia

When Shiva refused, Sati insisted upon going and was escorted by Shiva's troops to her father's kingdom. Upon reaching, Daksha got angry on seeing her and yelled at her telling her she was not welcome.

Sati tried to make him understand but it was no use. It is lord shiva story in tamil that when Daksha did lord shiva story in tamil stop yelling, the angered Sati took the form of the goddess, Adi Parashakti. Lightning and thunder threatened to destroy the Earth. All sorts of calamities arose as Mother Earth couldn't bear her strong radiance and power.

The Gods, saints, sages, her mother, father and her sisters trembled in fear and respectfully saluted her, who was the Mother of the Universe Jagadamba. Adi Parashakti introduced herself as the Eternal Power to Daksha and cursed him to be killed by Shiva, inclusive of all the Gods, princes and Goddesses.


She cursed the yagna ritual, that it will never be completed, that Tamas lord shiva story in tamil subdue its Sattvik nature. She declared that from that moment, she renounces all the mortal relationships, nothing binds her.

She gave her final salutations to her husband Lord Shiva, and the mother of this mortal body, and then she prayed, hoped, that she be reborn to a father, whom she could respect.

Tamil mythology

So saying, Devi Sati immolated her mortal body through the invocation and provocation of her yogic powers. As the Tatva of Shakti left the mortal shell, the mortal body of Devi Sati collapsed to the floor in scorching flames.

Angered and grief-stricken Shiva lord shiva story in tamil about Sati's death and he rendered a terrible "Tandav" or dance of destruction, lord shiva story in tamil more Shiva danced, the more destruction arose.

Later, Shiva pulled two locks of hair and fell it on the ground. One arose VirbhadraShiva's destructive and terrible incarnation, having eight hands holding weapons and possessing a dark complexion. The second arose Bhadrakalithe Supreme Goddess's violent and intense incarnation, having eighteen hands holding weapons like a discus, dagger, trident, spear, mace, scimitar, sword, vajra, conch shell, demon head, drinking vessel, goad, waterpot, cleaver, shield, bow and arrow.

Shiva ordered them to wreak havoc. In other versions, it was said that first Virbhadra arose and after he was held captive by Vishnuwho was protecting Daksha since he was Vishnu's devotee and the Lord had promised him protection in time of need, Shiva created Bhadrakali who freed Virbhadra and was embedded in him and rendered him more powerful.

Daksha himself was decapitated by Virbhadra, while, others fell upon Daksha and Bhrigu's demon armies.

After the night of horror, Shiva, the all-forgiving, restored all those who were slain to life and granted them his blessings. Even the abusive and culpable Daksha was restored both his life and his kingship.

His severed head was substituted for that of a goat.


Having learned his lesson, Daksha spent his remaining years as a devotee of Shiva. Out of grief and sorrow, Shiva carried Sati's body reminiscing their moments as a couple, lord shiva story in tamil roamed around the universe with it.

Vishnu had cut her body into 52 body parts using his Sudarshana Chakra which fell on Earth to become holy spots to pray to the Goddess named Shakti Peeths, to complete this massively long task, Lord Shiva took the form of Bhairav.

Entirely all of her body parts were the symbolism of each manifestation of Goddess Adi-Parashakti, Bhairav lord shiva story in tamil incarnated himself to protect her Shakti Peeths in different forms for the protection from the evil forces.


After long interval, Adishakti was reborn as Parvatiwho was also known as Uma or Hemavati, daughter of Himavan, king of the mountains, and his wife Menavati.

This time, she was born the daughter of a father whom she could respect, a father who appreciated Shiva ardently. Naturally, she grew up to be a beautiful woman and harboured a sincere love and devotion to Shiva.

In course of time, Parvati began to love Shiva with her entire being. She too went to lord shiva story in tamil forest to do meditation to please her beloved, Lord Shiva and to attain him again as her husband.

Lord Shiva consented to make her his bride once more. In course of time, she married Lord Shiva and gave birth to KarttikeyaAshokasundari and the lord shiva story in tamil god Ganesha.