Hlomu The wife has ratings and reviews. Pale said: I will never look at taxi drivers the same way What an intriguing read! Can't believe I t. Read part two of a two-part excerpt from Busani-Dube's seminal book series “Hlomu The Wife” below. hlomu the wife books excerpt, hlomu the. I first heard about Hlomu the Wife from a friend who some-what forced me into reading it. The excitement in her eyes as she tells me a bit about.


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I must say though that some subject matters lomu the wife not fully developed which did not bode well with me. The introduction of rape and molestation should be done with a little more sensitivity and development.

Hlomu The Wife Series by Dudu Busansi-Dube

This also includes suicide, infidelity and incarceration. Each of these is a tale in and of its own.


It requires attention to detail and a weaving of a tale that allows the reader some comprehension Dudu, next time, do that better for us please. Well Done to the author, really Dudu introduced a lot of parallel themes. Abuse within heterosexual relationships. The lomu the wife of the taxi industry.

Violence perpetuated by family strive. Child molestation and its devastating effects. The harbouring of secrets. Parenting in all its entirety. Parenting our siblings' children.

An Excerpt from "Hlomu The Wife" by Dudu Busani-Dube Part 2 | KAYA FM

First and second pregnancies in relationships. Most times I felt like I was watching "The Kardashians" marathon. Too many conversations in the first, second and third person.

Grammatical errors, which book doesn't have those?? Warped timelines rendering the plot unfollowable in lomu the wife places. At some point, I felt like the book was a rehash of some "Housewives of Johannesburg" episode.

An Excerpt from “Hlomu The Wife” by Dudu Busani-Dube Part 2

Pure, pure nauseating opulence. Through all this, Hlomu remained grounded. Steadfast in what she wanted for her family and ultimately she found herself.

I loved the idea of her shop. Who is this man by the way? He stands lomu the wife the door and looks around the flat.