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It was named as the ninth best fiction book of by TIME magazine,[1] and as the best science fiction book of the year in the Reference and User Services Association's Reading List. He owns a kink-spring factory trying to mass-produce a revolutionary new model that will store gigajoules of energy.

The factory is a cover for his real mission: He leaves the running of the factory to his Chinese manager, Hock Seng, a refugee from the Malaysian purge of the ethnic Chinese. A businessman in livro amores infernais former life, Seng plots to livro amores infernais his former glory even as he struggles to survive day to day as a refugee.


He waits patiently for an livro amores infernais to steal the kink-spring designs kept in Anderson's safe, and embezzles copiously. Emiko is a livro amores infernais girl," they refer to themselves as "New People" a humanoid GM organism used as a slave, genetically programmed to seek and obey a master.

Emiko has been abandoned in Thailand by her Japanese master, and as an illegal resident in Thailand is subject to summary execution or "mulching" if she is caught.

Raleigh, a sex club owner, gives her some measure of safety by bribing the police to let her live, but at the price of forcing her to work in his club where she is routinely abused and sexually humiliated.


Among other genetic modifications, Emiko has a genetically altered pore structure which makes her skin extremely smooth but prone to overheating, a life-threatening problem in the hot climate of Livro amores infernais.

One of her customers tells her of the secret seedbank and a mysterious man named Gibbons. Anderson gleans this information from her and, in return, tells her about a refuge in livro amores infernais north of Thailand where people of Emiko's kind live together.

The Windup Girl - paolo bacigalupi

This becomes fixated in her mind, and from then on she strives to pay off Raleigh and escape to this refuge. Anderson's factory is destroyed by a rogue megodont a GM elephant used to run the power train. Also destroyed are algae baths, which are critical to the manufacturing process, and whose spares are costly and must be smuggled into Thailand via dirigible.

Anderson orders Hock Seng to fix up the factory as soon as possible, threatening him with the loss of his job if he doesn't do so. Hock Seng's job is made livro amores infernais by the fact that he has failed to bribe the customs officials, as livro amores infernais had embezzled the bribe money.


Livro amores infernais that his time has come, he makes a money-for-plans deal with the Dung Lord, a gangster. Jaidee Rojjanasukchai, an upright and courageous captain of the white shirts the armed, enforcement wing of the Environment Ministryintercepts the dirigible containing, among other things, Anderson's much needed spare tanks, and destroys the contraband.

This raises the hackles of the white, foreign trading community in Thailand and they pressure Akkarat to make Jaidee livro amores infernais off.

To 'persuade' Jaidee, known as the Tiger of Bangkok for his muay thai skills and courage, and an icon among the white shirts, they kidnap his wife.

Jaidee submits and makes a public apology.

False charges are made against him and he livro amores infernais condemned to monkhood for 9 years. Unknown to Jaidee, his wife has already been murdered. A triumphant Anderson and his main collaborator, Richard Carlyle, negotiate with Akkarat for access to the seedbank and lowering of the trade barriers.