HTML is not a programming language; it is a markup language that This section will cover some of the basic HTML elements you'll use for. Coding for beginners can be daunting, but we don't regret spending (or investing) the time on learning basic code because we were able to. I was not yet alive in This is something that I occasionally regret. I am especially sorry that I did not experience the 8-bit computer era as it.


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If you know nothing about HTML, this is where you start

This is different from ordinary quotes, in that the actual "quote" symbol may learn basic html may not be added depending on CSS styling, but the text is highlighted.

Comments are used to make your code more organized.


You can include a reminder to learn basic html or a note to others to make things easier. Initially, it might not seem important, but when you start writing hundreds or thousands of lines of code, and when things seem to start to get complicated, comments will come in handy.

Coding for Beginners - Best Way to Learn HTML & CSS Codes

Remember that they can be seen in the source code. Comments can also be used anywhere in the code. You can include a comment by opening a bracket, including a double hyphen, adding your comment, including another double hyphen and learn basic html closing your bracket.

This way, the code remains in the document but does not function since you have commented it. In this scenario, as learn basic html as learn basic html browser is concerned, we have nothing. This could also be used this way: This can be done in three main ways: Using color in HTML is usually done with the style attribute.

Obviously, this is only feasible for texts for which you know the color names and can be difficult for certain color shades that can be easily done with the HEX code or RGB value.

HTML Example: Discover Basic HTML Examples and Learn Basic Code

In essence, you can use it to display another website or content from another web page inside the current one. Iframes can be learn basic html to display a website, video, images or any other form of content. The code for this is simple: You can further customize to specify certain values, e.


For one, fonts make it easy to set the learn basic html of your text. Setting size — example: A newbie who is over-confident might decide to post a tutorial that could well be inaccurate.

HTML Tutorial (for Beginners)

There are a hundred ways to cut a pie, but what is the right way? As a beginner, you will have no way to know if the information you learn basic html reading is indeed a best practice.

Learn basic html Paid courses are generally well organized and separated into easily digestible courses that are specifically designed for beginners. You just need to follow the curriculum and you are on your way.

You will be learning the best practices of coding from accredited professionals.


Cons Typical courses go through all aspect learn basic html website coding. You may need to go through a good chunk of the course before you can learn the specific thing you need.

HTML Tutorial

The courses are comprehensive that cover not just the basics. Anyone can post tutorials online and the person might not be credible. A newbie who is over-confident might decide to post a tutorial that learn basic html well be inaccurate.