New York Times Bestselling author Laura Lee Guhrke spent seven years in advertising, had a successful catering business, and managed a construction. Laura Lee Guhrke Series List. A list of all Laura Lee Guhrke's series in reading order. Browse reviews, synopses, book covers, pseudonyms, ratings and awards. Laura Lee Guhrke Romance Author. Laura Lee Guhrke. New York Times Best Selling Author of Historical Romance. [email protected]


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Laura Lee Guhrke (Author of And Then He Kissed Her)

These are not your ugly heroines who finally get their haircut, laura lee guhrke buy new clothes to become beautiful princesses that sweep the heroes off of their feet. The heroines do not undergo any significant change in personality or dressing yet the way the men do perceive them ultimately changes.

The men are awakened to the feminine qualities of the heroines, laura lee guhrke come to the realization that all that they believed about the women was wrong. On the other hand, the women too experience a change in perspective about the men in their lives.


They come to see them as human laura lee guhrke with vices and virtues that they had never seen before which makes it possible to have better relationships with them. Emmaline Dove is a sensible and talented secretary to the Viscount Harry Marlowe, who has decided that she needs to write a book showcasing her expertise in etiquette.

However, after writing and submitting her novels to her boss, she is turned down several times, only to find out that Laura lee guhrke has not been reading them.


It turns out that in laura lee guhrke to his aversion for matrimony and a love for can-can laura lee guhrke, he is also a liar. Her boss finds reading any book about etiquette painful torture, and does not believe anybody would read them.

Besides, he does not think that his secretary excellent as she is at her job could write something that anybody would love to read.

Wedding of the Season - Laura Lee Guhrke - E-book

However, Emmaline is not one to be put down so easy. She confronts him, resigns without notice, and calls him a liar, leaving his office and business in shambles.

Deciding to teach the wayward secretary a lesson he vows to seduce her. But one kiss makes him realize that there is more fire laura lee guhrke passion in her than he had ever imagine.

He cannot get the taste laura lee guhrke those luscious lips out of his mind.

The lead in the laura lee guhrke is Prudence Bosworth, a seamstress laura lee guhrke inherits a massive fortune from a man she had never seen, who asserted that he was her father. But with the fortune comes one condition, she needs to marry within a year if she is to access any of the money.

Laura Lee Guhrke - Book Series In Order

Prudence had always looked forward to the day when she would find romance and love. While she needs the money, she is determined to only marry for love, even if it costs her the fortune.

Meanwhile, the Duke of St. Cyres full name Rhys de Winter is determined to sweep her laura lee guhrke her feet, and has brought all his chivalry to bear.

His charm seems to laura lee guhrke working even laura lee guhrke behind the quick smile and quick wit is a cynicism that Bosworth knows nothing about. The duke needs to marry an heiress and making the seamstress his wife would go a long way to resuscitate his declining empire.

He thinks nothing of his deception until Prudence gets wind of it and drops him, leaving him renouncing his evil ways and begging to be taken back. Mitch Rapp is back!

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Kyle Mills takes Rapp on another outing inspired by real life tensions. The president of Russia, Maxim Krupin, has inoperable brain cancer and decides with nothing to lose he's going to start a war with the West.

Laura lee guhrke only way to stop him?