Marc Antoine Laugier can perhaps be called the first modern architectural philosopher. In he published the second edition with a famous, often reproduced illustration of a primitive hut. His approach is to discuss some familiar aspects. The Primitive Hut has become a shorthand statement of principle that defines essential elements of architecture. Often, the phrase is "Laugier's. In his Essai sur l'Architecture, the 18th-century French architecture theorist Marc-Antoine Laugier developed the concept of the Primitive Hut.


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His idea originated when the problem of the need for shelter was met through the procedures of rational planning.


We can set laugier primitive hut again a different expression of vernacular and structural form but in laugier primitive hut we still see the Primitive Hut.

We see a larger scale and maybe the escalation of the Primitive Hut typology as some kind of central meeting space for tribes. The design of the structure is based on digital cellular solids, a system developed by Kenneth Cheung at NASA that optimizes the strength to weight ratio.

Acting as a macro-scale foam, the structural lattice is able to behave similarly to more massive solid materials while using less materials. Architecture is founded on simple nature, as nature is what laugier primitive hut the rules.

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This principle is exemplified laugier primitive hut the story of the primitive hut. The narrative describes a primitive man seeking shelter and laugier primitive hut building due to necessity for survival. Three simple elements compose the hut: In Article 1, for example, Laugier makes four general rules for the construction of columns, one of them being that the column "must be strictly perpendicular, because being intended to support the whole load, perfect verticality gives it its greatest strength.

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Laugier emphasised the point that nature provides the rules for architecture. Laugier used the frontispiece to illustrate that typically architecture needs only three main elements, the free-standing columns, horizontal beams entablatureand a simple pediment the triangular end of a pitched roof.

Laugier also noted that the deviation or misuse of the principles lead to laugier primitive hut faults in typical buildings laugier primitive hut in architectural practice.


In particular he recognised logical faults, issues such as proportion and unintelligent design. Instead, advocating laugier primitive hut "by approaching the simplicity of the model, fundamental mistakes are avoided and true perfection achieved".

In the primitive hut, the horizontal beam was supported by tree trunks laugier primitive hut upright in the ground and the roof was sloped to shed rainwater.

The Primitive Hut - Wikipedia

This was an extension of the primitive hut concept and the inspiration behind the basic Doric order. The essay advocates that architecture approach perfection through the search for absolute beauty, specifically by returning to the hypothetical original hut as a model for laugier primitive hut.

Contribution to architectural theory[ edit ] The Primitive Hut made an important contribution to the theory of architecture. It is the result laugier primitive hut of archaeological investigation or speculation, but of a typical Enlightenment thought experiment. All buildings therefore always refer back to this first model, which embodies suprahistorical design principles.