The Provisions of the Labour Law accompanied with this Law shall be applied. The uninterrupted service of the worker with the same employer or his legal. The Qatari government has introduced a new labour law which it says will bring "tangible benefits" to workers in the country. The new. 2) A worker is defined as any person not specifically excluded from the applicability of this Act, and who has signed a labour contract with the employer.


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New Labour Law in Qatar

Worker who terminate or resign before completion of the contract period: Workers who terminate their job contracts and leave the country before completion of the contract period are not allowed to return to the country before the end of the contract period.

Labor law qatar contract term is 2 years. Open or Unlimited Contract. Worker contract term is unlimited 5 years. Worker who completed the contract period: The Minister may by a decision determine the labor law qatar of the regulations regulating the work for the guidance of the employers.

Labour Laws in Qatar - Employment Regulations in Doha

Article 47 The employer shall keep a special file, for each worker where he shall deposit all papers and certificates concerning the worker and the decisions and instructions related thereto. The employer shall keep the said file for a period of at least one year after the expiry date of the service of the worker with him.

Article 48 The employer shall maintain the following registers: The labor law qatar of total penalties where the monetary penalties are inflicted upon the workers and the total amount thereof shall be entered. The register of work injuries where the work injuries sustained by every worker shall be entered.

The end of service register labor law qatar the names of the workers whose services have been terminated, the dates and causes of the termination and the entitlements paid to them or to their heirs shall be entered. Article 49 If the service contract is of an indefinite duration any of the two parties thereto may terminate it without giving the reasons for the termination.

In this case the party intending to terminate the contract shall notify the other party in writing as follows: In respect of the workers who receive their wages annually or monthly, the notification shall be given not less than one month prior to the date of the termination.

If the period of service is five years or less. Labor law qatar the period of service is more than five years, the notification period shall be at least two months prior to the date labor law qatar termination. In all other cases the notification shall be given in accordance with the following periods: If the contract is terminated without observing these periods, the party terminating the contract shall be obligated to compensate the other party for an amount equivalent to the wage for the notice period or the remaining part thereof.

Qatar introduces changes to labour law | News | Al Jazeera

Article 50 The employer shall pay the worker his wage in full for the notice period provided for in the preceding article, if the worker performs his work in the usual manner during the said period. The employer shall give permission to labor law qatar Qatari worker to absent himself from work for reasonable times to enable him to register his name in the register of the Department in order that the worker can avail himself of new employment.

Labor law qatar worker shall notify the employer of the new employment immediately on obtaining therof and shall continue with the work thereafter till the expiry of the notification period.

Article 51 The worker may terminate the service contract before its expiry.


If the employer commits a breach of his obligations under the service contract or the provisions of this law. If the employer or his responsible manager commits a physical assault or immoral act labor law qatar the worker or any of his family member.

Overview - Qatar Labor Law

If the employer or his representative has misled the worker at the time of entering into the service contract as to the terms and conditions of the work. If continuance with the work endangers the safety and health of the worker provided that the employer is aware of the danger and does not take the necessary steps to remove it.

Article labor law qatar The service contract shall not terminate in any labor law qatar the following two cases: