La gitanilla. Cervantes Argumento y estructura. Sobre "La Gitanilla" de Miguel Cervantes: Espacios semánticos y su el pícaro en las letras hispánicas barrocas, Idioma: Español, Resumen: Contenidos 1. El casamiento engañoso · El licenciado Vidriera · La española inglesa · La fuerza de la sangre · La gitanilla · Las dos doncellas · Rinconete y Cortadillo.


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Plot[ edit ] Preciosa is a 15 year old gypsy girl who was raised by an old gypsy woman who calls herself Preciosa's grandmother.

¿Necesito un resumen de la gitanilla ,de Cervantes!!!!!!? | Yahoo Answers

Preciosa grew up with her gypsy family la gitanilla resumen in Sevilla, Spain. The gypsies travel to Madrid where Preciosa makes her debut in a festival for the patron saint of the city, Saint Annawhere Preciosa is able to sing and dance for the public.

She immediately attracts a great following as she is recognized as a wonderful performer, a great beauty, and a kind soul. Preciosa's grandmother agrees to perform for the lieutenant and his wife.

After the performance another page approaches Preciosa with a petition to perform his la gitanilla resumen, giving her a folder paper containing one of his romances for her to perform.

¿Necesito un resumen de la gitanilla ,de Cervantes!!!!!!?

La gitanilla resumen agrees and makes a deal to pay for his poems by the dozen, to the satisfaction of the page. While the gypsies la gitanilla resumen on the way to the lieutenant's house, they stop when beckoned from a window by a gentleman.

They are invited to perform for a group of gentlemen, much to the dismay of Cristina, a fellow gypsy maiden wary of spending much time with a large group of men. Preciosa convinces Cristina that there is nothing to fear, and the group of gypsies decide to perform for the group of gentlemen.


One of the gentlemen sees the paper in Preciosa's hand and grabs it, sees that it has a coin for Preciosa within, and begins to read the poem, la gitanilla resumen prompted by Preciosa to do so. Preciosa critiques the poem and when questioned as to how she knows so much, she insists that she needs no teacher as the life of a gypsy is teacher enough to ensure that la gitanilla resumen gypsy is wise to the ways of the world at a young age.

The ladies all fawn over Preciosa and ask to hear their fortunes toldbut none among them could find any money to give.

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The next morning, on their way back to Madrid, the gypsies meet a handsome young gentleman who asks to speak Preciosa and her grandmother in private. The young gentleman reveals himself to be a knight and explains that he has become enamoured by Preciosa's beauty and talent, wishes to serve her as she wishes, and make her a lady of the court.

The young knight presents the two of them with a large sum of money, as a means of proving what he can provide as a future husband to Preciosa.

Preciosa insists on answering the gentleman for la gitanilla resumen, asserting that her virtue cannot be swayed by money, promises, or schemes. She agrees to become his wife la gitanilla resumen only he agrees to her conditions: The young man agrees to these conditions as he has already promised to give Preciosa's what she wishes, however he makes a condition of his la gitanilla resumen, that Preciosa does not return to Madrid in order to avoid any harm that could come of it.

Preciosa refuses to follow this condition, affirming her independence and asking that the young man trust her.

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They agreed that they should return to the same place in eight days, in which time Preciosa could verify his identity and the gentleman could arrange his affairs.

The grandmother accepts the young man's offering with a great many arguments to Preciosa for why they should keep the money. Once in Madrid, Preciosa is again approached by the page who wrote the romance for her, ready to offer another poem. The two discuss the position of "poet" and the art of poetry, and rest on the conclusion that the page is not a poet but rather a lover of poetry, and that he is neither rich nor poor, but rather la gitanilla resumen enough financially to be able to spare a coin or two.

Preciosa refuses to keep the la gitanilla resumen until the page agrees to take back his money, which la gitanilla resumen does. The gypsies take him to their camp outside of the city where he discovers he first lessons on gypsy life and Preciosa is given another chance to assert her independence.

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One night, the page-poet happens upon the gypsy camp while traveling and he becomes injured. The gypsies take him in, tend to his injury, and offer him sanctuary.