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Let it dry then erase the guidelines to leave a polished, professional finish. You can find more hairstyle ideas in 20 Female Hairstyles.

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Male Front View In the American and European style comic book tradition, male and female characters are drawn in dramatically different ways. This is not the case with the majority of manga characters, where the differences between male and female facial structures are often negligible.

We are kurs rysowania mangi to tell which is which mainly by the hair and just a hint of a difference in the eyes.

This is kurs rysowania mangi news for aspiring manga artists.

Christopher Hart - książki -

In fact, the first five steps are almost exactly the same! Keep a blank space the width of one eye between the eyes. Place it in the center if you prefer.

The bottom is just above the line of the mouth. The lines over the eyelids kurs rysowania mangi folds.

Humongous Book of Cartooning

Place these lines above the inside corner of each eye. The small circles in each iris are highlights and make the eyes look shiny. STEP 6 Add the Hair and Neckline Not kurs rysowania mangi boys have short hair, but a comparatively short haircut makes your character readable as a male.


STEP 8 Finish It The lines of the upper eyelashes are a little more thin than in the female version, a small but crucial detail because it is the only kurs rysowania mangi difference between the two. Let the ink dry completely, then erase. Leave as is, shade or color!

Hair Raising You can try one of the 20 Male Hairstyles we talk about later, too! Male Profile View Male Profile View Drawing a realistic kurs rysowania mangi in profile presents unique challenges that can trip up even the most experienced illustrators.

Hart Christopher - książki -

A manga face in kurs rysowania mangi is considerably more streamlined and simplified, but nevertheless requires special effort to master. The distances between the various facial features must be learned, of course, but added to this is the challenge of drawing the contours of the forehead, nose and mouth.

This time the vertical line is there to help you place the ear. The horizontal line will help you place the eyebrow. The kurs rysowania mangi as it reaches the tip of the nose is just a touch higher than the bottom horizontal line.


From there draw a line down to kurs rysowania mangi chin with small bumps for the lips midway down. Finally, add the curving line of the jaw, making it point back toward the bottom of the vertical line, without quite touching it.

Cartoon Eyes Draw An Anime Eye Crying

Kurs rysowania mangi ear sits between the 2nd and 4th horizontal lines and is flat against the vertical line. The mouth is close to the midway point between the nose and chin.

The line of the throat starts halfway between the tip of chin and the bottom of the vertical line. Add pupils to the eyes and curves to the inside of the ear.


Let it dry, then erase the pencil lines. The finished drawing can be left as is, enhanced with gray tones or given the full color treatment. Kurs rysowania mangi pages show twenty ways to draw manga hair for female characters.