Kunlun Neigong. Dobitak Lova; 11 Qi Gong Einführung Teil 1: Aufrichtung der Wirbelsäule QI GONG - SHAOLIN QI GONG for your early morning exercise. I feel that this is an important subject that will help to clarify the dos and don'ts of the Kunlun® Nei Gung system. There is a lot to cover so it may. The Alchemy of Bliss, Kunlun Nei Gung are the root practices which can be found hidden in most of the worlds mystery schools. Kunlun Nei.


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This means that the channels are being rewired, and in a sense becoming more conductive to electrical and magnetic energy flows. I highly recommend the six months kunlun nei gong practicing level one because it can take up to six months to cultivate kunlun nei gong refine the practice before advancing to the next level.

The six month period is intended to assist you in preparing the body and mind for higher kunlun nei gong of energetic flow and awakening. This period gives your body the time it needs to accumulate and to adjust to the new energy, which is necessary to move onto the level two practices.

Consider this timeline as a safety measure that is important to follow, especially without me being present to evaluate your progress. Now another subject is age of the practitioner. I never teach people under 18 years of age except in certain rare situations and I have told all my students NOT to kunlun nei gong anyone under this age even their own children.


The reason kunlun nei gong simple: I had my thoughts against starting yet another practice. My friend Alex was all excited about it because he is a long time fan of Max. To me at the kunlun nei gong, I wanted to focus on one practice and the claims like "One hour of Kunlun is like doing any other spiritual practice for years" were just too much to take it seriously.

Then I had 2 dream experiences with Max and his teacher and that convinced me kunlun nei gong try it and see what happens. After all, who needs to sleep when you can sit in a chair and move like a retard in an epileptic seizure for an hour?

Observations on Kunlun Nei Gung practice - General Discussion - The Dao Bums

I started moving right away with my legs bouncing and hands and body moving left and right. Sometimes it was too violent and I had to keep saying "slow kunlun nei gong to calm myself. Kunlun nei gong weeks the movements became more harmonized and sometimes mixed with periods of stillness.

There were many experiences and a few times "things" came to observe.

  • Observations on Kunlun Nei Gung practice - General Discussion - The Dao Bums
  • Observations on Kunlun Nei Gung practice - General Discussion - The Dao Bums
  • Kunlun Do’s and Don’ts

So what do I think so far? Remember, you are always in control and will be better served if you lead the bliss into emptiness.


When I was younger, I kunlun nei gong my friend who could not move his body from the head down. Although he had been this way for ten years, he was so happy, never complained, and had no ego.


One day I taught him the arts I knew and he cried. Kunlun nei gong asked why he was crying, thinking perhaps he was upset because he could not do what others can do.

He looked at me and smiled and told me that he was completely free of the kunlun nei gong and body with no attachment to anything. This man reflected the most positive virtues of the Tao.