DRM: kobo books we purchased from rakuten store are protected with Adobe Adept drm. Format: kobo books are always with common epub or pdf or kepub formats, while Kindle devices only support their own kindle formats, such as Mobi, AZW3, AZW, PRC, etc. Naturally, Kobo becomes the only alternative for Amazon Kindle. these posts for related information: acsm to EPUB, convert EPUB to Kindle. Kobo's ebook reader trumps even the best Kindle on several fronts. . Even without that, your Kindle AZW3 files will convert to beautiful EPUB files and work just.


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How to read Kobo books on Kindle

How about Kobo books? The incompatibility of Kobo books and Kindle First, let's talk about the formats of Kobo books and the formats that Kindle readers support. But we all know kobo epub to kindle Amazon bookstores are also a wonderland which provides readers a broad eyesight from various fields.

So you may want to back up those books and load them to your Kindle for continuing to read, right?

Escape Amazon's evil Kindle empire with the cheeky Kobo Aura

But it is not as easy as it should be transferring Kobo books to Kindle. As what this customer says: How do I transfer epub books from my kobo to kindle book format? For the Kobo, this results in a device not much smaller than kobo epub to kindle iPad Mini. You can see the approximate size differences in this stack: This goes back to the difference in usage patterns.

How to read Kindle books on Kobo

Tablets get picked up and put down a lot, or propped up using their case, or docked in front of us. Books, kobo epub to kindle by extension e-readers, tend to be held up in front of or above us, sometimes for hours at a time.


It feels like one of those large-type book variants—justifiable, but somehow not as natural to hold. I realize this sounds biased by my familiarity with 6-inch screens, kobo epub to kindle I deliberately spent the majority of the review period using nothing but the Kobo, as that was the device I was less accustomed to.

Transfer Kobo Books to Kindle

I became acclimatized to the point where the Paperwhite felt small, but whenever I picked the Kindle back up there was a sense of relief. From a pure sizing perspective, I prefer the trade-off of a smaller screen for a lighter, more comfortable size.

Lighting Since Amazon first introduced kobo epub to kindle front-lit Kindle Paperwhite, the industry has been quick to adopt the technology.

The Paperwhite 2 and Aura H2O both represent a refined version of the initial technology. Placing the Paperwhite 2 beside my old Paperwhite, the difference between the lighting is clear.

The blue-ish tint of the original Paperwhite is replaced by a soothing bone-like white. The Paperwhite 2 is on the left in this comparison, kobo epub to kindle the original beside it: At least on my unit, the light distribution is flawless.

kobo epub to kindle The only downside is that it too looks slightly blue compared to the Paperwhite 2. The same is also true of the third generation Kindle Paperwhite, which shares the ppi screen of the Voyage.

For more on that particular comparison, I refer you back to my Kindle Voyage review. The Aura H2O is similar but retains a more matte finish.

How to read Kobo books in Kindle - Quora

Waterproofing The Kobo has another trick up its sleeve. If you were so inclined, you could theoretically read underwater with it—it can hold its breath longer than you can. This is undoubtedly cool, but I find myself kobo epub to kindle its practical value.