Jemisin's gripping series launch immerses readers in an unfamiliar but enthralling world as well as a rousing political and supernatural. As is so often the case with great novels, the opening chapter of N.K. Jemisin's The Killing Moon offers a snapshot of the conflicts and. The Killing Moon is a fantasy novel by N. K. Jemisin and is the first novel in the Dreamblood series. The novel was released on May 1, by Orbit Books  Series‎: ‎The Dreamblood Series.


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She doesn't so much describe the scenery, as she uses her words to paint the images directly into the reader's imagination.

I was particularly impressed with the imagery she used during the dreaming sequences As impressive as Jemisin's killing moon jemisin is, her character development is even better!

What makes the story so compelling is that the two protagonists have completely different morals and points of view, yet both of them seem killing moon jemisin valid. On the surface, Ehiru could be considered a murderer.


However, through his eyes, he is using his abilities to grant a person peace in their final moments and to ensure that their soul is preserved forever. Killing moon jemisin willingness to use deception and seduction to control her killing moon jemisin can be perceived as immoral, but she only does these things to ensure the safety of her people.

The clash of ideals is balanced perfectly, where the two characters have severe philosophical differences, yet it never comes across as petty bickering.


There is no clearly defined "right" and "wrong" mind set, each side is given equal weight. The fact that the book jumped forward hundreds of years between installments was unique, as was the way the gods themselves both depended killing moon jemisin and interacted with humans.

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She had an expansive and creative back story not just for each character, but for the creation of the universe and the worlds and creatures within it. Motivation and personality played huge parts in killing moon jemisin stories.

As a reader of her blog, I was heartened and impressed by the work she did at building a world and system of "magic", as well as the time, care, and seriousness with which she viewed her work. To her, fiction is killing moon jemisin just a story, it is an opportunity to address social issues and discern the motivations and foibles that move us and make us human.

The Dreamblood Series a duology, both books of which were published within 6 weeks of each other this summer takes place in an Egyptian styled society.

And it blends a new-agey type of dream magic with the class system found in ancient Egypt. There is a figurehead of the society - a pharaoh like individual - who commands ultimate respect and is above the law.

There is also a deference to a priest class who speaks for and does the work of the gods in the society. The tension and balance, as well as separation, between these groups closely mirrors the Egyptian societal breakdown. But killing moon jemisin is not Egypt.

The Killing Moon by NK Jemisin

This is a society that is built around complete respect for and obedience to the goddess of dreams. Chaos and disloyalty are killing moon jemisin care of, Judge Dredd style, by Gatherers.

Gatherers are a special section of the priest class who go around collecting, or killing moon jemisin, souls that are in pain or have transgressed. They have the ability to sense, and free, the razor-thin chord that tethers the waking world body to the soul in the dreaming world.

Sometimes this is done in compassion - when someone is sick or in terrible pain - and sometimes it is done to bring peace, the dreaming goddesses ultimate goal.

The Killing Moon (Dreamblood, #1) by N.K. Jemisin

These Gatherers have ultimate authority, immense power, and are both beloved and feared by the people. The souls they gather they then carry to killing moon jemisin priests in their order who can use them to heal others, in body and mind, and, it turns out, to do far more.

Nijiri is an apprentice Gatherer who has just passed his final test and needs only killing moon jemisin his first soul to join his mentor and surrogate-father, Ehiru, the most powerful and beloved of all Gatherers.

Civic life revolves around and is facilitated by her worship.

The Killing Moon

Highly developed systems of justice, public health, defense, education, and legalized prostitution are administrated by her priests, who use dream magic collected from regular public tithes to discharge these offices. Gatherers, the most elite branch of Hananja's servants, execute miscreants for the greater killing moon jemisin, and in this capacity they are answerable to no higher authority than one another.

Upon request, they also grant peace to aged and ailing faithful.