PERATURAN PEMERINTAH REPUBLIK INDONESIA NOMOR TAHUN 04 TAHUN PP NOMOR TAHUN KEPMEN NEGARA. Pemerintah Republik Indonesia No Tahun , Bab II (2). .. There were four dead, 36 wounded, houses burned and families. UU No Tahun tentang Ketentuan-Ketentuan Pokok Kekuasaan Kehakiman 20 Tahun Perubahan Atas Undang-Undang Bea Perolehan Hak Atas . Keputusan Menteri Tenaga Kerja Dan Transmigrasi Republik Indonesia No. KEP/MEN/ Tentang Penyelesaian Pemutusan Hubungan Kerja Dan.


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Riding hundreds buses and motorcycles, the protesters from the two local partners of Nike Inc.


The rally is ahead of the meeting of the Indonesian government, Nike representative and the owner of the companies on Tuesday in Singapore On Tuesday''s meeting in Singapore, Indonesia will be represented by the chief of Investment Coordinating Board Muhammad Lutfi, the owner of the two local companies and the representative of Nike Inc.

Earlier the Nike Inc. This is cheaper than the 15 U. Now it is trying to find new factories which offer lower kepmenaker 150 tahun 2000 of 10 U.

Quote, Profile, Research will meet an Indonesian contractor and government officials to discuss its plan to phase out orders at two plants employing 14, people, a kepmenaker 150 tahun 2000 owner said on Monday.

They can cut their orders, but they have to do it one at a time," Murdaya told Reuters by telephone. Murdaya, who did not say when the meeting would take place, said Nike should not drop production in nine months, because it would take time to shift workers to other CCM factories.

Nike officials in Indonesia could not immediately be contacted.

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Several thousand angry Indonesian workers staged another noisy protest outside Nike's now sealed office kepmenaker 150 tahun 2000 Jakarta on Monday, urging the firm to resume orders or pay severance.

Erin Dobson, Nike director for corporate responsibility communications, told Reuters in an interview last week that the move to cut orders at the two contractors was purely a business decision, adding that the factories had failed to meet Nike's quality standards and other performance targets. kepmenaker 150 tahun 2000

Nike subcontracts to 38 factories in Indonesia employingstaff. Indonesia is keen to seek foreign investment to help make inroads into an unemployment rate estimated at more than 10 percent.

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Marcus -Conditions at Nike factories overseas appeared to be getting better: The company had raised kepmenaker 150 tahun 2000 and barred children from working at its plants.

But it wasn't enough for University of Oregon senior Agatha Schmaedick, who visited a Nike factory while studying in Indonesia last year.


She, like hundreds of other college kids at Oregon, Brown, and the University of Michigan, pushed her school to endorse the Worker Rights Consortium, a labor-backed group that makes surprise visits to Third World factories and demands "fair living wages.

Unable to satisfy its critics, the sneaker maker took its kepmenaker 150 tahun 2000, and money, from the athletic fields.

Uang penghargaan masa kerja

US News on line. N because of the sportswear manufacturer's work practices in Asia, a human rights group said Monday. Community Aid Abroad, an independent Australian aid and human rights group, issued a report Monday claiming Nike was failing to protect the rights of its workers at Indonesian factories.

Activists renewed a campaign against the international sportswear giant, releasing a report that documents claims of intimidation kepmenaker 150 tahun 2000 harassment of union workers and women in companies contracted to kepmenaker 150 tahun 2000 Nike shoes in Indonesia.

The Community Aid Abroad-Oxfam Australia report, based on interviews conducted with industrial union organizers in Indonesian factories, said workers were threatened with violence if they tried to join unions; that union members were fired for small mistakes and that women were intimidated into not applying for leave by being required to undergo humiliating medical examinations.

Tim Connor, the author of the "NikeWatch'' report, said Nike was failing to protect workers rights in its contract factories in Indonesia.

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NGO Reports " Nike: Source Sun, 17 Sep This represents the best standard that a worker can attain at this point in Indonesia for basic--basic skill-type work. Voiceover Well, not really.

Nearby a Canadian company, Kepmenaker 150 tahun 2000, makes inexpensive canvas sneakers.


Voiceover We told Mr. Kidd that we had heard Bata paid its workers better than the factories that make Nikes.