What these guys can do with this traditional Japanese skill toy will blow your mind! Get Zoomadanke's official. Check out 5-Cup Professional Kendama Trick Toy, Orange reviews, ratings, specifications and more at Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery Available. EASY KENDAMA TRICKS - Presented by Kasper Fejring You can buy the kendama I used in this video here.


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Trick kendama tricks — Spike Next, the ball will clearly fit nicely in either of the two cups sticking out of the sides kendama tricks the ken. Trick 2 — Big Cup Not everyone notices the third cup on the bottom of the ken right away.

Trick 4 — Base Cup Many folks stop counting there.

Video Tricks & Tutorials:

After all, getting it on the spike is often hard enough for a first timer. And chaining together tricks between the three cups and the spike can provide hours of satisfying challenge as you refine your aim and reflexes. But there are so many more!

As soon as you realize that you can hold the tama instead, and try to get the ken onto the tama, the possibilities double instantly if not easily. Additionally, tricks may be performed head to head with a rival to determine a winner. The first competitor to fail a trick loses. A Japanese children's kendama tricks of the same name is often sung to help with timing.

These contests have taken a variety of formats including trick ladders, speed battles, freestyle, and the head-to-head world championship style. These tricks are classified according to difficulty into 10 different levels and the player receives points corresponding to the level of the completed trick i.

Players from around the world apply to participate listing their achievements. Judges determine kendama tricks finalist who will kendama tricks head to head with 2 x 45sec for each player in 1 on 1 battles towards the final.

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The first Dama Fest was inand the second was in Kendama players traveled from all over the North America, Europe, kendama tricks Japan. Players competed in a single elimination head kendama tricks head bracketed format. MKO is the largest Kendama competition in N. America with many players traveling in from around the USA and the rest of the world.

MKO utilizes a few different types of competition to make sure everyone can get involved.


As advocates of the joy of playing Kendama, they have performed across Japan in events and shows, appeared on TV programs, and taught Kendama classes. At times, they handled two Kendamas, tactfully and kendama tricks switching to a bigger one and performing amazing stunts.

EPIC KENDAMA TRICKS ON STAGE! ● Uncut performance by Cooper Eddy on Vimeo

The stage was as artistic and surprising as a magic show kendama tricks as funny and intriguing as a stand-up comedy. Tokyo Kendama Project Tokyo Kendama Project is a kendama tricks to delivering the enchanting world of Kendama through visual art to the world.

Tokyo Kendama Project was born from simple love and passion for Kendama. It was at a party hosted by my German friend.


His house was filled with Kendama players including Zoomadanke, who casually showed off their tricks and exchanged tips in a friendly atmosphere. As I kendama tricks talking with them, I learned how much they wished more people would realize the joy of playing Kendama.

They also asked me if there was any way they could contribute to society using their Kendama skills. Touched by their enthusiasm, I discussed kendama tricks more with Zoomadanke, and we decided to start creating and publishing videos to share this fascinating piece of Japanese culture to all kendama tricks the country and the rest of the world.

But in what style? How should it be presented?

We also noticed that most of those videos were entertaining only for Kendama players.