Celebrating the best works of investigative journalism, from Watergate to near-death encounters with Al-Qaeda. Hundreds of Press Gazette readers responded. The result is the most comprehensive list we have produced of the best books about journalism. We asked some of our favorite journalists, scholars, and critics to recommend books and other works that could help the next generation of reporters become.


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Even conservative journalists, who loathe the Washington Post, unconsciously ape the Watergate stories.

The Best Books on Journalism | Five Books Expert Recommendations

Horace Greeley, who founded the Tribune, and James Gordon Bennett, who founded the Herald, hewed their respective journalism books into shape before the Civil War. The two dailies slugged it journalism books for decades before fusing into a mega-brand in the early 20th century.


More than any other American broadsheet, the Trib made newspaper scribbling into an art, if it ever was one. What killed the New York Herald Tribune? But why should poor choices have doomed a journalism books


It was a death by a thousand cuts—one of them necessarily fatal. The Corpse Had a Familiar Face: As a New Yorker profile noted: Buchanan grew up in New Jersey, reading true journalism books stories.

50 books for journalism students | Media | The Guardian

journalism books As an adult, she moved to Miami, where murder was on the rise. She would see 5, corpses during her time on the job.

Some were my friends. Overcoming sexism, bias and the rough-and-tumble nature of the criminal world, Buchanan journalism books story after story about the strange underworld of the Magic City. Manufacturing Consent by Edward S.

15 Books You Should Read to Understand Modern Journalism :: Books :: Lists :: journalism :: Paste

Chomsky and Herman begin with the questions: Why does journalism books media get so much reliably wrong? When we suck, why do we suck, and what is the mechanism of our suck?

Our media is constrained by the structure of our society. If you want journalism books hold and retain power in a democracy, then you must shape public opinion.

15 Books You Should Read to Understand Modern Journalism

Private ownership facilitates this process. Journalism books concentration of economic and broadcast power leads to group-think, which favors acceptable, mainstream opinion and marginalizes dissenting voices. Smaller platforms take their lead from larger ones; while this does not eliminate independent voices, it quiets them.

journalism books


A series of filters is created by this web of interacting forces. These filters shape an agreed-upon narrative which favors authority.

The manufacture of consent, in journalism books words.