According to J.S. Whiteley's book of Jongen , his name should be pronounced as 'Jo-n-gen' rathar . Aria and Polonaise aria et polonaise {tb, p}. Peter Steiner - Trombone - Posaune Trombone Soloist - Thein Artist VISIT MY CHANNEL. ANDELMUSIC JONGEN J. - ARIA ET POLONAISE - TROMBONE & PIANO. Availability. Online: more than 4 weeks (+). Shipping. Shipping: from £ Reviews.


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Although it is easy to guess the performance of orchestra is excellent, it is a true fortune that solist also sings beautifully. Orchestre National de Belgigue Jongen aria and polonaise he once had occupied the largest position in modern Bergian music school, he has been forgotten until quite recently.

However, composer's anniversaries of birth and death in have motivated a Belgian label Cypres.

Aria et Polonaise Op.128

Cypres used the anniversal as the trriger to start publishing a series of Jongen works. Thanks to the label, we come to have many options to start enjoying most brilliant category of Jongen's works: Before the anniversal year, however, only this CD compiled 3 historical recordings could provide jongen aria and polonaise oppotunities to appreciate his orchestral music.


Since they unaccountably recorded with monaural equipments of s I can not find any reason why they had not tried to record them in stereo formatwe can not praise the sound quality.

However, the members are quite gorgeous. The conductor Quinet was also a composer who frequently had interacted jongen aria and polonaise Group of Six.

In addition, the soloists are all go-getters. It can be easily imagined that they were planned to create the monumental recordings by assembling Belgian musical world of that era.

Jongen: Aria and Polonaise, Op. Joseph Jongen | Brass Sheet Music

The ensemble was formed inconsisting of a harp, a flute, and string trio. All of the members have brilliant skills such that they were graduates of Royal Conservatory in Brussel the fact also indicates they are all jongen aria and polonaise fellow of the composer!!

They also came through a high degree such that the flutist was a pupil of Peter Lukas Graf, whereas the harpist was a pupil of Marie-Claire Jamet. As you can easily imagine, the performance goes incomparably better than competing Talent disc. They seemed to try to perform in fresh-faced and dry manner with selecting the faster tempo than Talent and Naxos ones.

In this manner, such way of performance are likely to be next door neighbors of boorish interpretation. The reason that they could avoid jongen aria and polonaise falling crude performance, is simply the ensemble could maintain the sense of belongings around the highest level.

Aria et Polonaise, for trombone & piano, Op. 128

Consequently the ensemble could create the dry and refreshing sound like a pleasant afternoon breeze. If you intend to purchase a chamber works of Jongen, this should be recommended as one of the first choices.

Jongen and her colleagues. jongen aria and polonaise


But, in reality, She and Mr. Drobinsky are familiar names such that they have recorded together the works of Adolphe Biarent to the same label.

Aria et Polonaise, for trombone & piano, Op. 128

Both of the two works included in this CD are written in relatively earlier of the composer's jongen aria and polonaise.

Since we know his violin sonatas revealed thhat the composer was still in his fledgling era, it is reasonable if you anxious about the quality of the pieces in this CD.

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Quartet totally resembles that of Faure in terms of the basic romantistic construction. The decorative arpeggios by piano in intraposition to passionate unisons with highly expanded tonality generate spark or anime jongen aria and polonaise fishes swim smoothly near the water surface.


This is common characteristic between the two quartets. Of course it was jongen aria and polonaise transitional opus. But it can be described as a fruit of his travel to France from In fact, his brilliant harmonization can be found in around of it. We can immediately notice his progression especially in modal context by listenning Piano Trio, which was written in several years later.

It can be said the trio wrapped up his transitional era. Except Drobinsky on cello, all members are Belgian. Their performance has traditional elegant Franco-Belgian jongen aria and polonaise.