Description. featuring the music of Mississippi John Hurt, Ed Bell, Furry Lewis, Memphis Minnie, Tom Dickson, Robert Wilkins, Julius Daniels, Blind Blake, Luke. Country Blues Guitar in Spanish & Vestapol Tunings (2 DVD set) Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt Volume 1 John Miller's Country Blues Guitar Collection. This is not the boy on the magazine cover but the guy the pros admire and cop licks from (I can attest to this). - Guitarist Duck Baker in the East Bay Express.


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Of john miller guitar twenty four, seventeen are in standard tuning. The others are open and drop D together with a couple of G tunings. Other than 'Stack O'Lee' John Hurt's version here the songs and most of the artists are all fairly obscure to all but the cognoscenti of the country blues.

But this is a book for guitar pickers by a master with an unerring ear john miller guitar a beautiful tune and a connection to a past long gone.

Dan John Miller - Wikipedia

There are no meteoric workouts in the manner of, say, Blind Blake's 'Southern Rag' thankfully! In fact the one Blake song in this collection is 'Doin' A Stretch' and is quite laid-backjohn miller guitar on the strength of a couple of 'listen-throughs' of the original recordings of the included cd, they all sound very do-able.

John miller guitar in the key of G.


Open D Tuning This one has a pretty quiet john miller guitar hand, and as a result is one of Bo Carter's easier songs to play. It will help get you accustomed to his characteristic thumb-and-three-fingers picking style.


This is not very tough in the left hand, but quite challenging to achieve the smooth flow the song should have. Standard A masterpiece, john miller guitar one of the greatest blues in A ever recorded.

John Miller

This very challenging piece has Willie Reed working through a host of different licks in A, and his long thumb-lead solo is spectacular.

Hard work john miller guitar worth every bit of it.

Standard Dryland Blues is Furry Lewis's take on the commonly-encountered 8-bar blues progression in E. He works in some nifty syncopated john miller guitar that makes the song particularly fun and challenging to play.

Instructors: John Miller

Standard This is an exceptionally driving piece in A that lays out beautifully john miller guitar the left hand and is especially fun john miller guitar play.

It makes you realize what a strong player Geeshie Wiley was. Smith Funny Papa Smithfeaturing a lot of novel moves, including a little misdirection at the start of the intro that will really catch your ear.

A treat to play, and great lyrics. Standard This has a unique combination of high concept a 17 - bar form! This one utilizes the musical materials of the blues in a completely unique way.

Instructors: John Miller

Standard This is Frank Stokes' take on an 8-bar blues john miller guitar E though he sometimes phrases it as a bar blues. This has a tricky and varied use of the thumb and is a real showpiece. Open G Tuning Frankie is yet another classic from John Hurt, and you couldn't pick a better song to john miller guitar to develop your familiarity with Spanish Open G tuning.

There's lots of intricate, john miller guitar picking on Frankie. It's a great intro to Tom Dickson's playing. Played in the key of D. It has a very distinctive approach in both the left and right hands. Open D Tuning What a terrific tune! This has one of the greatest signature licks in all of the Country Blues, and once you learn it you'll have a hard time stopping yourself from playing it.

It also incorporates slide in a fairly simple way. As with all of Bo's pieces, it is put together so intelligently and shows a strong compositional sense.

Standard The left hand on this one is not too challenging.