Jannat Kay Pattay / جنت کے پتے has ratings and reviews. Be prepared for an episode of emotional turmoil that will definitely put you in a bucket of . whilst the last one was the whole story motive as perscribed by title and it wasnt. Jannat Ke Pattay XIV By Nimra Ahmed. Floria Alex Apr 3rd, 0 Comment. Here comes Disclaimer: BTW it is still not last episode Rehan Ahmed He removed the dancing video of Haya and Irum from the webs and actually did give her a strange advice about jannat kay pattay. Dolly saved.


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Jannat Ke Pattay XIV By Nimra Ahmed

Download pdf jannat k pattay. Jannat ke Pattay Jannat ke Pattay. Jannat ke Pattay is a Urdu novel which is written by Nimra Ahmed.

Haya and her college fellow Khadija DJ are going to Turkey. They both tried hard to make passports and visas, both became friends.

Online Reading: Jannat Kay Pattay Last Episode.

Haris Asks for Kashaf to get him a Flat but she denies and he slaps her for this, she is kicked out and she leaves instantly,she later regrets that she would have done what Annie did, a marriage proposal comes for Zubia and she gets nervous, Annie handles her and calms her down she feels so relief and hugs her, Rohaan's Mother jannat k pattay last episode watching this and she gets impressed with Annie, Shereen Hashim's Mom is not happy with Faryal's habits and asks Hashim that why he choose her upon Annie.

Haris's dad tells jannat k pattay last episode that his company has faced a lose because of him and only Rohaan can handle this, Haris talks to Rohaan and Rohaan Agrees to help Haris is now Shocked with his personality.

Rohaan's mom finally accepts Annie as her daughter-in-law and now Zubia gets married. Episode [ edit ] Ainne is now living a very happy life as a wife, daughter-in-law, and as a worker due to her sweet nature she is loved by every one now.

Hashim on other hand is tired of fighting between Faryal and his mother Sheeren he now is working with Rohaan and Ainne in their office. Haris now accepts his mistake and asks Kashaf to forgive him, Kashaf then asks Ainne and thanks her for being supportive. These episode jannat k pattay last episode sow that Hashim now is regretting about rejecting Ainne's proposal and wants Faryal to be a good daughter-in-law.

There are many plot twists and turns. This book is amazing.

About how even the simplest deed could be our way to Jannah. Some of my questions were unanswered. Each and every time these words appeared on paper I got so irritated I wanted to slap someone! Also, her journey and personality change was totally forced.

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I mean for the love of God. So Far Listen to some of the … Size: The Other Side Artist: Le 16 avril,Derulo a sorti son single The Other Side.

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Ayeshae Gull and Baharay were my favourite characters as they helped Haya to understand and to direct her life according to the teachings of Islam. The Best scenes were collecting the pearls and Surah Al-Ehzab riddle.

Novel - Jannat Kay Pattay By Nimra Ahmed - Last Episode 15 - May | Pakistan Social Web

It was when Haya made a decision to wear Hijab the meaning of the riddle appeared and the unanswered part was answered at the end. The journey of problems took a very interesting turn when she reached Turkey with her friend DJ.


The flight scene and the introduction of ARP made me sense some danger.