Definition of islamiat in the dictionary. Meaning of islamiat. islamiatPortuguese; islamiatThai; IslamiatTurkish; اسلامیاتUrdu; islamiatChinese. Ifthikar-ul-Haq. Islamiyat for O' level. Karachi: Book Land. Ahmed, A. A. . Islamic Culture in Subcontinent, translation into Urdu by. Dr. Jamil Jalibi. URDU & ARABIC PORTION. ENGLISH PORTION. Page #. The Crossed Swords: Islam, Modernity and Fundamentalism. Ghulam Shabbir.


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What does islamiat mean?

Reading translation and explanation of the Holy Quran is inevitable for better understanding of Islamiat. Those candidates who are islamiat in urdu reasonable knowledge of the Holy Quran can solve the Islamiat paper islamiat in urdu a manner better than that of those candidates who are not well versed in the Holy Quran.

Mentioning the number of the verse and name of Surah gives a good impression about the level of preparation. Time management is also necessary for all papers of CSS, especially for the paper of Islamiat as the candidates are required to give answers of five questions in addition to MCQs in this paper.

Islamiat Short Questions (Urdu) | 1st Year

Whereas in other papers the candidates are required to attempt five questions in all. Proper and reasonable time should be allocated for each question. Indulging unnecessarily in sectarian or controversial islamiat in urdu and writing irrelevant and out of context material has to be avoided.

The answer of each question should be precise but perfect and to the point. One should not express self-made unrealistic theories and statements.

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Liberal and secular approach about fundamental dogmas and rituals of Islam is highly unwarranted and Islamic laws should be expressed in clear and unequivocal terms without any compromise or consideration.

Introduction to Islam by Md. Islamiat in urdu of Islam by Md. Differentiating between Deen and Mudhab.

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Elaborate the role of Islam in giving lasting islamiat in urdu to basic human problems. Also O level Urdu is not that tough I took an A grade with self prep but worked hard obviously.

The conclusion is they are not compulsory for any foreign university. I was very islamiat in urdu to find sucha beautiful yet based-on-syllabus book. Well some of the stray topics that come in CSS exams as "Fidaayi aur Khudkush hamlon mn faraq" "Konsay ahkaamaat sirf aurton ky lyay hn" etc etc are still unanswered ofcourse, because these are some distant question, not much into syllabus.