CAIRO – 26 October President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi discussed Egypt's relations with Iran, which have been cut off for 40 years, during an. Egypt used to be ally of Iran under Shah and the Shah had a good and decent relationship with Egypt. Then, revolt appeared. A new leader came and he with his insane Islamic ideology, tried to export his Sharia terror from Iran to the other nations. Egypt was against Khomeini and granted the Shah's are the current relations between Egypt and Iran? And was. Egypt–Iran relations refers to the current and historical relations between Egypt and Iran. Following the Egyptian Revolution of , Iran appointed its first ambassador to Egypt in almost 30 years. Despite oft-wavering tensions between the two countries, they share membership in the OIC and the Developing 8.


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Addressing the Egyptian parliament's foreign relations committee, Shoukry, according to Beirut-based TV al-Mayadeen, disclosed the contacts saying: Iran after Khamenei Once a close ally, Egypt and post-revolution Iran have been through strenuous relations in the past four decades.

iran and egypt relations


The two countries cut diplomatic ties in Iran and egypt relations issues ranged from Egypt's sheltering of Iran's ousted Shah and Iran's naming of a street in Tehran after iran and egypt relations assassin of late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to the more serious issues like Egypt's support for Saddam Hussein during the first gulf war between Iran and Iraq.

There were some limited diplomatic overtures by Iran after reformist President Mohammad Khatami took office, when both Khatami and then Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak met for the first time in in Geneva.

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During ousted President Mohammed Morsi 's presidency relations improved. Currently, the two countries have diplomatic representation through iran and egypt relations sections. According to Iranian analysts, the time is ripe for a rapprochement between Cairo and Tehran.

Iran's strong support for Egypt's participation in Lausanne conference on Syria shows that it has recognised Egypt as a stabilising power in the region which shouldn't be marginalised.

Hussein Royvaran, senior Middle East expert Egypt, a close ally of Saudi Arabiahas always been concerned about the Saudi reaction to getting closer to Iran, according to Iranian analysts. iran and egypt relations

Is there a future for Egyptian-Iranian relations? | Middle East Eye

However, Iranians have recently praised Cairo's independent foreign policies. Royvaran believes that Cairo's historic balancing role, as the seat of the highest Sunni authority, is precisely what the region, already aflame with sectarian tensions, needs at this point.

Iran has been strongly supporting Egypt's active participation in the Syrian peace talks and even adamantly lobbied for the Egyptian foreign iran and egypt relations presence as a pre-condition for Lausanne talks on Syria last October.

Iran creates new army unit to be involved in regional conflicts 2: Iran views Egypt as a strong regional influencer that shares plenty with the Iranian regime on regional iran and egypt relations, namely Syria and to a lesser extent, Yemen.

Egypt-Iran: A possible thaw in relations? | Middle East | Al Jazeera

After the suspension, the Egyptian petroleum minister made a trip to Iran to explore the possibilities of striking an oil deal. Though a deal was not made, it struck one with Iraq instead, a iran and egypt relations ally of Iran. The dent in Egyptian-Saudi relations has certainly encouraged Iran to approach Egypt, although we may find the dent unravelling very soon.

Traditionally, Egypt has been aligned with the GCC states in terms of security and their general overview of the region. The military exercises that will be carried with the UAE and Bahrain are a continuation of that.


Egypt carries policy inertia that does not view the Iranian regime favourably, mainly due to the latter's promotion of its ideology. Egypt even offered its condolences upon the passing away of former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani this year, a gesture welcomed by Iranian officials.

Egypt has the ability to improve its relationship iran and egypt relations Iran in matters of trade and tourism, something its suffering economy can certainly benefit from.

Iran still trades with countries in the region it is in conflict with, and Egypt is no different. Salama has extensive experience iran and egypt relations an academic background in Middle East Affairs. The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Eye.