With a masterful and entertaining eye, Desmond Morris, bestselling author of The He argues that human adults follow certain patterns of intimate behaviour. : Intimate Behaviour: A Zoologist's Classic Study of Human Intimacy : Desmond Morris: Books. Intimate Behaviour by Desmond Morris, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.


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Morris shares some of Montagu's point of view, saying that much to our folly we have lost touch with each other; he also has serious things to say about child-rearing practices and the effects of urban crowding.

In addition to sexual intimacy, Morris discussed social intimacy, intimate behaviour desmond morris substitutes, object intimacy, and self-intimacy. Complete with a new preface by the author, Intimate Behavior is a provocative view of humans need to touch and to be touched, to love and to be loved.


The prime origin of all dance styles is a bobbing, to'n'fro, back'n'forth movement. As in, going that way, stops, then go this way, stops, and repeat.

The special role that social dancing plays in our society is that it permits, in its special context, a sudden and dramatic increase in body intimacy in a way that would be impossible elsewhere.

The situation changed dramatically at the beginning of the last century, as a new dance craze swept across Europe.

The waltz had arrived. For the first time the dancing couple embraced as they moved, a public intimate behaviour desmond morris that immediately created widespread scandal and concern. Wikipedia Waltz as of does not give much info of waltz as its body contact in intimate behaviour desmond morris context of history of dances.

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Some detail about the protestation of Waltz in society and its gradual and final win. Then, the introduction of Tango in met with outcries, and similar for Jazz in In the adult human world, a world full of stress and intimate behaviour desmond morris, we reach out to our loved ones for comfort.


If, through their indifference or through their preoccupation with the complexities of modern living, they fail to respond, we are in danger of becoming starved of the primary reassurance of bodily contact.

If, through the moralizing of a warped minority, they have become inhibited in their intimacies and have been intimate behaviour desmond morris to accept the view that indulgence in the tactile pleasures of the body is somehow sinful and wicked, then, even in the midst of our nearest and dearest, we intimate behaviour desmond morris liable to become touch-hungry and body-lonely.

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We intimate behaviour desmond morris, however, intimate behaviour desmond morris ingenious species, and if we are denied something we badly want or need, our resourcefulness soon urges us on to find a substitute to replace it.

Social intimacy substitutes… dancing, doctor visit, hairdresser. Human animals feign to get in touch. Unconsciously, however, we are all aware of the game that is being played… We do this by applying conventions and codes of conduct that reduce our sexual fears. Usually we do not say why.

It is rude to point, leave alone touch. It is impolite to show one's feelings p. Massive number of pets in numbers, in touching, by the stats.


Actually, i don't think he phrased it exactly. But rather, there's certain unnecessariliness in using animals in the labs.