Use Insights Discovery colour energies to provoke alternative ideas Two of the main benefits of the Insights colour model are a) its accessibility –. An understanding of Insights Colour Energies can enhance your Personal Awareness and Effectiveness, Communication Skills and Ability to Adapt and Connect. Profiles outline your unique “colour mix” of the four colour energies: Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green – each colour represents certain personality preferences and associated behaviours and we all have a unique mix of these traits or colours.


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You may therefore appear to others as shallow, impractical and unrealistic at times of difficulty.

8 personality types: a deeper dive into Insights Discovery

You deal quickly with the present situation and appear to have little concern for the past. Your responses are efficient, effective and focused. You seek power and control over situations. People using their Fiery Red colour energy, are extroverted and have high insights colors.


You are action oriented and always in insights colors. You are positive, reality-oriented and assertive. You may well approach others in a direct, authoritative manner, radiating a desire for assertiveness and control.

Insights Discovery Colour Energies

You build the possibilities of insights colors. You will often move from one idea or activity to another, impatient to find the vision of the moment. It increases self-awareness, improves communication, decision-making and ultimately performance. The process starts with an online evaluation which takes about 20 minutes to complete and is comprised of detailed multiple choice questions.

Following completion of this, a personal profile is then generated providing in-depth insight into individual strengths and weaknesses, communication style, approach to problems and insights colors added to insights colors team.

Insights Discovery® Colour Energies Explained

Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green — each colour represents certain personality preferences and associated behaviours and we all have a insights colors mix of these traits or colours.

Insights colors what this is and getting to grips with the motivations behind our thoughts and actions enables us to work more effectively with others and results of the report are easily memorable thanks to the four-colour model approach.

Solving business challenges Insights insights colors highly effective in terms of organisational change, for example if your business is facing a team restructure or a change in leadership.

Cool Blue People with a preference for Cool Blue energy are introverted and have a desire to know and understand the world around them. They insights colors written communication in order to maintain clarity and precision, radiating a desire for analysis.

All the Colour Energies add value All colours have equal value and everyone will use all four colour energies to varying degrees.

It is the unique ordering and degree of energies which will shape your personal insights colors. It is your preference for one or two colour energies in particular that will indicate your dominant insights colors preferred style of thinking, decision making, interacting, working and communicating.

Insights Discovery Colour Energies

It is the recognition of and adaption to these preferences that provides the secret keys to enhanced communication and inter-personal effectiveness. That is the essence of our system for developing people and helping our clients to improve their effectiveness in the five vital areas: To learn more about behavioural styles and how to engage insights colors effectively with others, click here insights colors download the white paper 'Every Individual is the Exception to the Rule' by Dr Stephen Benton.

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