British author Anjali Joseph's debut novel explores what it is like to be homosexual in India, which is still a largely taboo subject in many parts of. Most wished for. The Rule Breakers. Preeti Shenoy. Midnight's Children. Salman Rushdie. Train to Pakistan. Khushwant Singh. The Namesake. Jhumpa Lahiri. The Palace of Illusions. Chitra Divakaruni. Poonachi: Or the Story of a Black Goat. Harappa - Curse of the Blood River. Asura:Tale of the Vanquished: The. This monsoon 'Thousand Miles' brings a top 50 list of Indian English novels for you specially. The list begins Chetan Bhagat's.


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20 Must Read Gems of Indian English Literature

The Guide is yet another story set up in Malgudi. Narayan won the Sahitya Akademi Award for the book in The Guide is the story of a tour guide who transforms himself into a spiritual Guru indian novels in english then the greatest holy man of India.

The book was also adapted as a film which starred the legendary actor Dev Anand. Rohinton Mistry — Indian novels in english Fine Balance This is the second novel by Mistry published in and, like his first novel, Such A Long Journey, this novel too received wide acclaim across the globe.

A fine balance revolves around various characters in Mumbai then Bombay during the time of turmoil and government emergencies.

The story of friendship and love that indian novels in english among the characters of the book will keep you hooked till the end. The book travels to various parts of the country including Kashmir, Agra and Mumbai and incorporates many actual historic events.

20 Best English Novels By Indian Authors -

The book indian novels in english also included in the List of Best Novels of all time. The stories are based on lives of Indians and Indian Indian novels in english who are lost between the two cultures.

Vikram Seth — A Suitable Boy Published inthis pages-long-book is one of the longest novels ever published in a single volume in the English Language. The story focuses on India post-partition as a family looks for a suitable boy to marry their daughter.

Vikram Chandra is another author who shuffles between India and the United States and has received critical acclaim for his first novel Red Earth and Pouring Rain and collection indian novels in english short indian novels in english Love and Longing in Bombay His namesake Vikram A.

Chandra is a renowned journalist and the author of The Srinagar Conspiracy Suketu Mehta is another writer currently based in the United States who authored Maximum Cityan autobiographical account of his experiences in the city of Mumbai.

Best English Books by Indian Authors: The Must-Read List

Recent writers in India such as Arundhati Roy and David Davidar show a direction towards contextuality and rootedness in their works. Arundhati Roy, a trained architect and the Booker prize winner for her Indian novels in english God of Small Thingscalls herself a "home grown" writer.

Her award winning book is set in the immensely physical landscape of Kerala. In both the books, geography and politics are integral to the narrative. In his novel Lament of MohiniShreekumar Varma touches upon the unique matriarchal system and the sammandham system of marriage as he writes about the Namboodiris and the indian novels in english of Kerala.


Similarly, Arnab Jan Dekaa trained engineer and jurist, writes about both physical and ethereal existentialism on the banks of the mighty river Brahmaputra, and his co-authored book of poetry with British poet-novelist Tess Joyce appropriately titled A Stanza of Sunlight on the Banks of Brahmaputra published from both India and Britain which is set under this backdrop evokes the spirit of flowing nature of life.

His most indian novels in english book Brahmaputra and Beyond: Linking Assam to the World made a conscious effort indian novels in english connect to a world divided by racial, geographic, linguistic, cultural and political prejudices.

4 Indian novels on the longlist | International DUBLIN Literary Award

With this backdrop, Shovon indian novels in english a humorous story defacing the power mongers. The protagonist, Parvati, decides to go off men when she is dumped by her boyfriend.

But given the unending record of her life's embarrassments, it's not going to be that simple. But soon they realize that chances of finding a groom for her are slim - mainly because she's not.

At 93 kilos, she knows she isn't the ideal indian novels in english for marriage, even if her family believes she's the ideal age.


Gandhi, covering his life from early childhood through to