To download the presets / joboptions - click the link below and choose "Save File" or "Save Target As" to save to your PC / Mac. To integrate the presets please follow the instructions below after extracting the ZIP file and loading InDesign: 1. Choose File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define. I have several saved PDF presets for different clients. migrated over, but after opening InDesign CC I noticed they were gone there also!InCopy - Give more pdf options in InCopy (pdf presets. Jump to Adobe PDF presets - Convert PDF presets from InDesign CS. Choose File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define. Click Load. Choose Previous-version PDF Settings Files .pdfs) from the Files Of Type menu (Windows) or All Files from the Enable menu (Macintosh). Double-click the file you want to convert.‎About Adobe PDF · ‎Export to PDF for printing · ‎Customize Adobe PDF.


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You will always work with your own presets so we will show you how to create one of your own.


Other presets can be really handy. For example, Web preset is good if you indesign pdf presets to export small sized PDFs, with 72 dpi resolution, that indesign pdf presets have to send via email to your clients or team members.

Print preset is fine for printing PDF files on your local printer. This will shorten the time that the printer needs to process PDF files and images are exported in dpi, which is just enough for printing on conventional desktop or office printers.

Export to Adobe PDF

Compatibility indicates the minimum version of Acrobat required to read the file. Consult with the prepress team in your printing house about the requirements for your RIP, to determine the appropriate compatibility setting.

General includes basic file options, such as page range. Compression allows you to indesign pdf presets settings for compression and downsampling of images. Additional options let you compress text and line art, and crop images to frame limits. Always use compression settings, because if you do not compress the images in the PDF, the file will be huge in size indesign pdf presets it may cause problems to the RIP when processing those files.

Always compress your images.

How to import PDF presets in Adobe InDesign

This will save you time and PDF files will be significantly smaller. Marks and Bleeds options let you include crop and bleed marks, as well as page information, bleed, and slug area. I set up indesign pdf presets in my documents by default so I checked this option.

  • InDesign Export to PDF Settings Explained | Magazine Designing
  • 1. Go to Adobe PDF Presets management

Output controls how colors are converted or preservedbased on your choices and the color management settings in effect. Embedding includes the entire character set of a font in the resulting PDF; subsetting is a form of embedding that includes only characters used in the document, and results in a smaller file size.

It is advised that you never create a PDF indesign pdf presets embedding or subsetting fonts. Indesign pdf presets PDF presets Here we will discuss the three most commonly used presets. You can modify each of these and re-save them.

How to import PDF presets in Adobe InDesign

As indesign pdf presets can see from my own preset drop down menu I modified all of them to suit my needs. I will point out which options to change.

By adjusting them you will get presets that will suit you much better, PDF files will be indesign pdf presets in size and quality will be sufficient for the intended purpose.

Smallest File Size Appropriate for online distribution or e-mail attachments.

Do not use it in commercial printing, where reliable viewing, online proofing, indesign pdf presets reproduction of the original content is crucial. This may result in noticeable color shifts from the original artwork.

Where are the Adobe PDF Presets stored? | Adobe Community

Bicubic downsampling to dpi. You can change it to medium. High Quality Print Intended for printing on in-house and desktop printers.