Looking for IELTS reading tips? You've got them here. These tips will help you read faster, better and smarter during the reading section of the IELTS exam. These are the 10 IELTS reading tips I share with all of my IELTS classes. First, let's look at an overview so we can understand what the reading. Below are some IELTS reading tips about how you can improve your score. For more tips about reading techniques for IELTS, follow the link.


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How many questions do I need to get correct?

The number of correct answers needed to get a band 7 will vary slightly from test to test. All tests have, in theory, the same level of difficulty but the score required to achieve a certain band changes depending on how everyone who took that test did on that particular day.

For a ielts reading tips and tricks 7 you should be aiming to get around 30 out of 40, but this might be slightly more or slightly less depending on the test.

IELTS Reading Tips

Please also remember that the questions get more difficult as the test goes on. You should be getting the first questions all correct. You can look at the words and sentences around it for clues as to its meaning or you can move on and forget about it. Even native speakers- and many IELTS teachers- ielts reading tips and tricks not be able to understand all the words in the reading test.

Candidates who worry about ielts reading tips and tricks meaning of every word, panic and spend too much time thinking about words that might ielts reading tips and tricks be related to the question.

It is also important to learn from your mistakes see below. However, students who just practice IELTS exams are missing out on a good opportunity to improve their general reading skills. IELTS reading texts can be a little boring and you are more likely to read regularly if you read about something you are interested in.

Reading for pleasure a little every day will not only improve your English skills but also improve your vocabulary. This means you will have to make the decision yourself whether to skim or scan the text.

To prepare for the Multiple choice questions: As you do this: Decide if you are looking for specific information or whether the question requires you to understand the whole text. Develop your speed reading skills. This test has a strict time limit which will really challenge your ability to complete the questions in time.

You must develop speed reading skills to be able to find your answers quickly. This means you must be able to scan the passage quickly to locate information.

Your task is to locate answers only.


Most questions test your ability to locate specific information given to you and then to comprehend the sentence or sentences which contain that information.

There are ielts reading tips and tricks two types of questions which will require a more detailed understand of the whole passage — matching headings and choosing a title.

10 IELTS Reading tips for band 9 - IELTS-up

ielts reading tips and tricks All other questions are based on locating information. It is also about what collocations can be used with words, for example verbs and match nouns.

Choose your own technique It may sound strange at first, but There is no ultimate advice which technique fits you the best. You should choose yourself how to search for right answers ielts reading tips and tricks what to do first: A lot successful candidates prefer to read the text first, and only then answer the questions.

So spend only 20 minutes on each one and transfer your answers to the answer sheet in the 20 minutes too.

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