Translation for 'iconografia' in the free Portuguese-English dictionary and many other English translations. PERIODICAL: Rivista di Storia della Miniatura, n. 15, Sommario. Tavole a colori (pp. ) * Valentina Cantone, Iconografia mariana e culto popolare nel. Get this from a library! Iconografía mariana de la Arquidiócesis de Guadalajara: compendio histórico sobre las imágenes de la Madre de Dios más veneradas.


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The result is astonishing and will open up whole new avenues for theological and spiritual enquiry.


The Complete Resource will be essential for anyone who has a strong theological or devotional interest in Mary.

As Cyril Mango noted, this iconografia mariana cannot be considered just an interpretation of the triumphal models and the Iconografia mariana is not a simple translation of the pagan Victory.

The Altarpiece of the Virgin - The Collection - Museo Nacional del Prado

In fact the presence of the aureole around the Child defines his non-human status. In fact, the Emperor held in triumph on a shield was probably at the origin of the iconography, popularized through consular diptychs, that took over and developed the imperial prototype.

Nevertheless, iconografia mariana connection between the shield and the mandorla can only partially explain the fortune of the Christian iconography of the Virgin with Child in an ellipsoidal medallion.

A key Baroque monument, the iconografia mariana comprises many unusual architectural features, which Scott identifies and explains, particulary how the chapel's unprecedented geometry and bizarre imagery convey to the viewer the supernatural powers of the object enshrined there.

Drawing on early plans and documents, he demonstrates how the architect's design mirrors the Shroud's strange history as iconografia mariana as political aspirations of its owners, the Dukes of Savoy.