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Made as it was by raw troops, the value of the example set by the division commander can hardly be estimated.

Historian Larry Tagg wrote: Cavada of humphrey s eyewear general's staff recalled that just before he took his troops up to the Stone Wall at Fredericksburg, Humphreys had bowed to his staff humphrey s eyewear his courtly way, "and in the blandest manner remarked, 'Young gentlemen, I intend to lead this assault; I presume, of course, you will wish to ride with me?

After his men had taken as much as they could stand in front of the Stone Wall on Marye's Heights, the next brigade coming up the hill saw Humphreys sitting his horse all alone, looking out across the plain, bullets cutting the air all around him.

Something about the way the general was taking it pleased them, and they sent up a cheer. Humphreys looked over, surprised, waved his cap to them with a grim smile, and then went riding off into the twilight.


In this way Humphrey s eyewear had turned his first division's dislike of him into admiration for his heroic leadership In his mid-fifties, they considered him an old man, despite his relatively youthful appearance. His nickname was "Old Goggle Eyes" for his eyeglasses.

He was a taskmaster and strict disciplinarian.

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Danathe Assistant Secretary of Warcalled him a man of "distinguished and brilliant profanity. Meade and staff in Culpeper, Virginia outside Meade's headquarters, Commanders of the Army of humphrey s eyewear PotomacGouverneur K.

WarrenWilliam H. FrenchGeorge G.

Humphrey’s X Hombre | Specs meet Graffiti

MeadeHenry J. HuntAndrew A.


Humphreys and George Sykes in September At the Battle of ChancellorsvilleHumphreys' division was attacked by Colquitt's brigade on the 3rd day of the battle. Daniel Butterfieldwho was considered to be too close politically to the previous commander, Maj. Humphrey s eyewear declined the opportunity to give up his division command.

His new division immediately saw action at Gettysburg where, on July 2,Sickles insubordinately moved his corps from its assigned defensive position on Cemetery Ridge. Humphreys' new position was on the Emmitsburg Road, humphrey s eyewear of a salient directly in humphrey s eyewear path of the Confederate assault, and it was too long a front for a single division to defend.

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Through the use of visually appealing materials and designs, glasses from Eschenbach Eyewear are not just reliable vision aids, but also fashionable accessories. Your optician will ensure they offer the perfect fit. The frames are manufactured from "memory metal", which humphrey s eyewear they are ultra durable.