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I turned hastily round and found at my elbow a hrabia monte christo ebook little girl, who begged to be directed to a certain street at a considerable distance, and indeed in quite another quarter of the town.

Hrabia monte christo ebook I should tell you wrong? I observed that every now and then she stole a curious look at my face, as if to make quite sure that I was not deceiving her, and that these glances very sharp and keen they were too seemed to increase her confidence at every repetition.

Though more scantily attired than she might have been she was dressed with perfect neatness, and betrayed no marks of poverty or neglect.


There was something in the manner of this reply which caused me to look at the little creature with an involuntary expression of surprise; for I wondered what kind of errand it might be that occasioned her to be prepared for questioning.

Her quick eye seemed to read my thoughts, for as it met mine she added that there was no harm in what she had been doing, but it was a hrabia monte christo ebook secret—a secret hrabia monte christo ebook she did not even know herself.

This was said with no appearance of cunning or deceit, but with an unsuspicious frankness that bore the impress of truth. She walked on as before, growing more familiar with me as we proceeded and talking cheerfully by the way, but she said no more about her home, beyond remarking that we were going quite a new road and asking if it were a short one.

While we were thus engaged, I revolved in my mind a hundred different explanations of the riddle and rejected them every one.

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I really felt ashamed to take advantage of the ingenuousness or grateful feeling of the child for the purpose of gratifying my curiosity. I love these little people; and it is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us.

As I had felt pleased at first by her confidence I determined to deserve it, and to do credit to the nature which had prompted her to repose it in me. There was no reason, however, why I should refrain from seeing the person who had inconsiderately sent her to so great a distance by night and alone, and as it was not improbable hrabia monte christo ebook if she hrabia monte christo ebook herself near home she might take farewell of me and deprive me of the opportunity, I avoided the most frequented ways and took the most intricate, and thus it was not until we arrived in the street itself that she knew where we were.

Clapping her hands with pleasure and running on before me for a short distance, my little acquaintance stopped at a door and remaining on the step till I came hrabia monte christo ebook knocked at it when I joined her.

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A part of this door was of glass unprotected by any shutter, which I did not observe at first, for all was very dark and silent within, and I was anxious as indeed the child was also for an answer to our summons. When she had knocked twice or thrice there was a noise as if some person were moving inside, and hrabia monte christo ebook length a faint light appeared through the glass which, as it approached very slowly, the bearer having to make his way through a great many scattered articles, enabled me to see both what kind of person it was who advanced and what kind of place it was through which he came.

It was an old man with long grey hair, whose face and figure as he held the hrabia monte christo ebook above his head and looked before him as he approached, I could plainly see.

The Count of Monte Cristo

Though much altered by age, I fancied I could recognize in his spare and slender form something of that delicate mould which I had noticed in the child. Their bright blue eyes hrabia monte christo ebook certainly alike, but his face was so deeply furrowed and hrabia monte christo ebook very full of care, that here all resemblance ceased.

The place through which he made his way at leisure was one of those receptacles for old and curious things which seem to crouch in odd corners of this town and to hide their musty treasures from the public eye in jealousy and distrust.

There were suits of mail standing like ghosts in armour here and there, fantastic carvings brought from monkish cloisters, rusty weapons of various kinds, distorted figures in china and wood and iron and ivory: The haggard aspect of the little old man was wonderfully suited to the place; he might have groped among old churches and tombs and deserted houses and gathered all the spoils with his own hands.


There was nothing in the whole collection but was in keeping with himself nothing that looked older or hrabia monte christo ebook worn than he.

As he turned the key in the lock, he surveyed me with some astonishment which was not diminished when he looked from me to my companion.

The door being opened, the child addressed him as grandfather, and told him the little story of our companionship. What if I had lost thee, Nell! The door was closed and locked.

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Preceding me with the light, he led me through the place I had already seen from without, into a small sitting-room behind, in which was another door opening into a kind of closet, where I saw a little bed that a fairy might have slept in, it looked so very small and was so prettily arranged.

The child took hrabia monte christo ebook candle and tripped into this little room, leaving the old man and me together. Why, who ever loved a child as I love Nell?