Managing virtual teams for high performance. Paper presented at PMI® Global Congress —North America, Atlanta, GA. Newtown Square, PA: Project. With appropriate processes, virtual teams can even outperform their colocated counterparts. Managing Virtual Teams: Ten Tips. Tip 1: Be available. Tip 2: Organize regular meetings with both individuals and the whole team. Tip 3: Encourage informal conversations. Tip 4: Rotate. Tip 5: Be creative with team bonding. Tip 6: Treat time zones fairly. Tip 7: Prioritize cultural sensitivity. Tip 8: Invest in.


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A good host also knows when the guest wants to leave and get work done.


The great host can ask good questions, is friendly, approachable, and fun. Here are five examples of how some virtual project managers have created informal gathering spots: Daily five-minute phone calls or video calls with each team member.

Thirty minutes a day is all it takes to have a five-minute phone call with how to manage virtual teams team members. For larger teams, either every other day or connecting to key contacts is suggested.

Create a virtual water cooler. Keep an online open communication, such as chat room, open all the time for team members to just hang out.

Top 6 Best Practices for Managing Virtual Teams

Declare, "break times," "lunch," "game time," "check-in times," etc. Hold virtual office hours.

Be online, have how to manage virtual teams phone lines, and be available at regular times, daily or weekly. Create project challenges and competitions. The more relevant to the project the better, make them educational, interesting and fun.

Create a proactive professional relationship with each team member. This isn't saying to become best friends or even liking all the team members.

It's about understanding who they are, what their career is about, and how they will be able to help with whatever project challenges may arise, now and in the future.


Run Effective Virtual Team Meetings Virtual team meetings are a given and can't be avoided for the virtual team. According to experts, in the USA alone, it is estimated that over billion dollars a year is lost in productivity because of poor meetings.

There are many tips and tools for running effective meetings which mostly all apply virtually. With good basic meeting management assumed, there are additional practices that apply how to manage virtual teams become important when running virtual team meetings.

The virtual team meeting principle is to create, increase, how to manage virtual teams force engagement and interactions from all team members frequently.

Top 6 Best Practices for Managing Virtual Teams - CEG

Here are some techniques that how to manage virtual teams help in achieving more interaction and engagement in virtual team meetings: No monologues — no more than three sentences before forcing an interaction Ask questions frequently Verify and validate that everyone heard you or another team member who is speaking Call on people by how to manage virtual teams, and get everyone to answer Use a virtual touch sheet to keep track of who spoke on what topic and when Long explanations should be written down and sent out ahead of time Speak slow, use short sentences, be concise, and avoid slang and cultural references Make the implicit explicit; describe and state what seems obvious; examples are: Top 6 Best Practices for Managing Virtual Teams Develop and use a communications management plan and team operating agreements.

Slow down to speed up.


Take the time upfront to how to manage virtual teams all the environments and cultures you are working in. Select appropriate technologies for team interactions. Create a virtual personality and presence by exploring your strengths, weaknesses, and natural tendencies. You might even send coffee gift cards to remote employees ahead of time as a company funded event.

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Managing schedules can be tough for employees who work from different locations. Use a cloud sharing calendar that allows all team members to note events and tasks.