How to Build a Digital Library. A volume in The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Multimedia Information and Systems. Book • Authors: Lan H. Witten and David. Is a digital library an institution or a piece of technology? The term digital library, like But this is a practical book about how to build a digital library. Rather than. How to Build a Digital Library reviews knowledge and tools to construct and maintain a digital library, regardless of the size or purpose. A resource for.


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Part II describes how this is put into practice with the Greenstone Digital Library Software, a popular open source software tool suite.

How To Build A Digital Library

For the second edition this material has been completely rewritten to reflect new developments in the software, including a comprehensive graphical facility for creating and maintaining digital libraries and numerous interoperability features.

Key Features Outlines the history of libraries—both traditional and digital—and their impact on present practices and future directions.

Written for both technical and non-technical audiences and covers the entire spectrum of media, including text, images, audio, video, and related XML standards. The name is an alternate spelling for Pergamum, which, as already […] Digital Libraries in Developing Countries It sometimes happens that technological advances in developing countries leapfrog those in developed ones.

This occurs because established infrastructure, a strong and necessarily conservative force, how to build a digital library absent.


For example, how to build a digital library developing countries alternative energy sources, such as solar energy, are widely used in place of traditional power generation and distribution, and these countries have experienced […] The pen Is Mighty: Wield It Wisely Digital Library Collecting information and making it widely available to others has far-ranging social implications, and those who build digital libraries must act responsibly by making themselves aware of the legal and ethical issues that surround their particular application.

Copyright is the place to begin. Digital libraries are far more accessible than physical ones.

And this brings […] Planning a Digital Library Are you going to build a digital library? The Institute trained thirty-six library, museum, and archive professionals in digital library issues and techniques. Major topic areas covered in the Institute included digital library theory and practice, HyperText Markup Language HTML how to build a digital library, imaging, optical character recognition, access and indexing, selection of materials for digitizing, and effective training techniques.

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Many of the instructional materials are available online. Introduction Digital libraries require digital librarians. Digital collections must be selected, acquired, organized, made accessible, and preserved. Computers are certainly essential as the primary tools with which digital libraries are built, but people are required to put it all together and make it work.

How to Build a Digital Librarian

Although the broad requirements of digital libraries may be the same as with non-digital collections, any similarity ends there. Organizing a digital collection has very little in common with organizing a print collection in terms of day-to-day work and individual tasks that must be accomplished.

Present day digital librarians find themselves doing how to build a digital library nothing they learned in graduate school and very how to build a digital library that is familiar. Furthermore, the technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that what is learned today will soon be outdated.

Therefore, it is more important that digital librarians possess particular personal qualities which are innate rather than specific technical expertise which can be learned. Digital librarians must thrive on change.

They should read constantly but selectively and experiment endlessly.