Hizbul Bahr - Translation. Zawiya Fellowship – Annoor words we speak and in our desires and thoughts; ۞ We seek Your protection against any doubts and. (Hizb ul Bahr) often, and he said, “Teach it to your children for the Ism al-'A'zam-The . our stillness, in our words and our desires, and our thoughts; from the. The Litany of the Sea – حزب البحر – Hizb al-Bahr. by Sayyidi Imam Abul Hasan al-Shadhili (may Allah be pleased with him) Recited by Sheikh.


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HIZBUL BAHR THE LITANY OF THE SEA. By Imam Shadhili Rahimahullah - PDF

Audhu bi kalimatillahit-taammati min sharri ma khalaq. Wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil 'aliyyil 'adheem. Wa sallallahu 'ala sayyidina Muhammadiw-wa 'ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallim. That the Hizb al Bahr contains the Greatest Name of Allah 'Ism 'Azim and that it was never recited in any place except that there was security there.

It is related from Ibn 'Ayyasd that; hizb bahr pdf to word recites it every day at Sunrise, Allah hears his prayer, relives his distress, raises his standing among people, expands his breast with Knowledge of the divine Oneness, facilitates his concerns, lifts his hardship, keeps from him the evil of man and Jinn and protects him from harm and mishaps of the night and day".

He also said; "whoever recites it after every prayer, Allah enriches him from needying any of His creatures, protects him from the events ofhis time and facilitates from him the means of eternal happiness in his every movement and rest".

We ask Your protection, in movements and rests, in words and desires and thoughts; from doubts and imaginings, and the illusions that veil hearts from beholding things unseen.

Hizb ul Bahr See Point. Earnest -means Seriousness, fixed determination, importance, eagerness; intentness. Reading Hizb ul Bahr with hand movements and blowing some commentary Hizb bahr pdf to word Total there are 8 hand movements and blowing.

You hit or slap your left hand on the floor. It says in the sirah that these were the words used by the Holy Prophet saw when his house was seiged and he wanted to exit his house and said these words and made hand movements to the enemy, they all fell asleep and Sayyiduna Ali came into the house and slept in the bed of the Holy Prophet saw.

Reciting 'Ha Mim' 7 times.

HIZBUL BAHR THE LITANY OF THE SEA. By Imam Shadhili Rahimahullah

These are the 6 ways the hizb bahr pdf to word and jinns can attack you or enter you and the 7th is your Sadr-Chest referring to ones heart. The reading Hizbul Bahr with hand movements and blowing is what i was taught by my old Sufi master many years ago.

In a group 2. Or any other personal issue. Just to mention; Give us sustenance, for You are the best of providers.


And We have placed in front of them a barrier and behind them a barrier and further, We have covered them up: The following words are written thrice.

Upon reading each Shaahatil Wujuuh, think of your enemies hizb bahr pdf to word they be vanquished and strike the back of the hand on the ground.

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May their faces be deformed! Indeed will fail, the one who has evil within him Pardoner of sin, Accepter of penitence, terrible in retribution, The Bountiful. There is no Diety but He, to Him is the Homecoming