Bachillerato en Ciencias en Imagen Radiológica con Concentración en Ciencias en Tecnología de Imagen Radiológica Asistente del Terapista Físico. Em concluiu a Faculdade de Medicina do Rio de Janeiro, determinado a dedicar-se ao estudo da radiologia. Depois de dois anos de. Ayres Francisco Nicéforo de Sousa nasceu em Ribandar (Goa) aos 21 de Outubro de e faleceu em Lisboa aos 17 de Fevereiro de Foi uma das mais marcantes figuras da antiga Índia Portuguesa no século Na carreira universitária, alcançou a Cátedra de Radiologia da Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa.


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This allowed him, over time, to become an historia da radiologia radiologist and to be appointed as the director of the Laboratory of Radiology at Hospital San Juan de Dios and as the first professor of the course, by competition, at the Faculty of Medicine of Universidad Nacional de Colombia Between andRichard demonstrated a remarkable knowledge of the matter that was affected by unjustified absenteeism.

In May,he was commissioned to travel to the United Historia da radiologia to purchase items needed for the radiology laboratory; the appliances arrived in December of that year, but Dr.

Richard did not return During the time of his involvement as the director of the Radiology Service at Hospital San Juan de Dios, Weiser judiciously developed assistance work and urged improvements in the physical plant, modernization of X-ray equipment and acquisition of radiotherapy equipment 23 ; he also organized academic sessions of radiographs reading for students of internal clinic, external clinic and surgical clinic subjects This dependence was located in the west wing of the second floor of the building originally intended for hospital administration Radiographic studies conducted from the beginning were mainly general radiology, digestive tract with barium historia da radiologia fluoroscopic control, excretory urography and cholecystogram.


He also tried to use common X-ray tubes for radiotherapy but the obtained results were rated as mediocre In the sixth year of his career, during the temporary absence of Dr. The year marked the most important period for the early development of Radiology at the Faculty of Medicine, and it was possible to begin with the training of Historia da radiologia medical staff in that area.

Carlos Trujillo Venegas, who became director of the service later In addition, the course on Radiology was first incorporated into the curriculum of the medical career attached to the Surgical Clinic in the sixth year Alfonso Esguerra, brother of Dr. Gonzalo Esguerra, was a fellow of the Laboratory of Radiophysiology at the Radium Institute in Paris and managed to schedule historia da radiologia visit of the French physician and Professor Cladius Historia da radiologia to Colombia, and also motivated doctors and politicians to create the Instituto Nacional de Radium Radium National Institute.

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This center was attached to Universidad Nacional de Colombia Conclusions Since the first decade of the twentieth century, historia da radiologia board of directors of the Faculty of Medicine historia da radiologia Natural Sciences of Universidad Nacional de Colombia worked to organize a radiology service with the intention of modernizing patient care and strengthening medical education.

The Congress decreed Act 48 of and Act 8 ofwhich had the purpose of organizing radiology at the Faculty of Medicine.

The first law created the course of radiology and both ordered the hiring of a foreign radiologist for service management and radiology teaching. The history of the Radiology Service at the Faculty of Medicine of Universidad Nacional de Colombia had a first period, between andcharacterized by the incorporation historia da radiologia initial development of a new diagnostic modality in which three foreign radiologists were hired Lund, Richard y Weiser for the organization of the radiological cabinet and the teaching of this discipline.

Major historia da radiologia difficulties were faced during the installation and operation of the equipment, while limitations caused by the language of the foreigners arose.

The formal inclusion of the radiology course in the curriculum of Medicine at Universidad Nacional de Colombia was done inalongside Surgical Clinic.

Radiologia - Elementos da Radiologia I | PDF to Flipbook

New historical sources and references were added to this paper Conflict of interests None stated by the author. Funding None stated by the author. Mosby Year Book; historia da radiologia Universidad Nacional de Colombia; Universidad de Antioquia; [cited May 21].

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