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A separate theory, General Relativityis used for gravity.

In this model, the fundamental forces in nature arise from properties of our universe called gauge invariance and symmetries. The forces are transmitted by particles known as gauge bosons. It is also very unstable, decaying into other particles almost immediately.

The Higgs field is a higsov bozon fieldwith two neutral and two electrically charged components that form a complex higsov bozon of the weak isospin SU 2 symmetry.

The Higgs field has a " Mexican hat-shaped " potential.

Higgs boson

In its higsov bozon statethis causes the field to have a nonzero value everywhere including otherwise empty spaceand as a result, below a very high energy it breaks the weak isospin symmetry of the electroweak interaction. Technically the non-zero expectation value converts the Lagrangian 's Yukawa coupling terms into mass higsov bozon.

When this happens, three components of the Higgs field are "absorbed" by the SU 2 and U 1 gauge bosons the " Higgs mechanism " to become the longitudinal components of the now-massive W and Z bosons of higsov bozon weak force.


The remaining electrically neutral component either manifests as a Higgs particle, or may couple separately to other particles known as fermions via Yukawa couplingscausing these to acquire mass as well. The problem of gauge boson mass[ edit ] Field theories had been used with great success in understanding the electromagnetic field and the strong forcehigsov bozon by around all attempts to create a gauge invariant theory for the weak force and its combination with fundamental force electromagnetismhigsov bozon electroweak interaction had consistently failed, with gauge theories thereby starting to fall into disrepute as a result.

The problem was that the symmetry requirements in gauge theory predicted that both electromagnetism's gauge boson the photon and the weak force's gauge bosons W and Z should have zero mass. Although the photon is indeed massless, experiments show that the weak force's bosons have mass.

Higgs boson - Wikipedia

In the late s, physicists had "no idea" how to resolve these issues, which were significant obstacles to developing a full-fledged theory for particle physics. Symmetry breaking[ edit ] By the early s, physicists had realised that a given symmetry law might not always be followed under certain conditions, at least in some areas of physics.

Symmetry breaking can lead to surprising and unexpected results. In physicist Philip Anderson — an expert in superconductivity — wrote a paper that considered symmetry breaking in particle physics, and suggested that perhaps symmetry breaking might be the missing piece needed higsov bozon solve the problems of gauge invariance in particle physics.

If electroweak symmetry was somehow being broken, it might explain why electromagnetism's boson is massless, yet the weak force bosons have mass, and solve the problems. Shortly afterwards, inthis was shown to be theoretically possible, at least for some limited cases.

Higgs mechanism Following the and papers, three groups of researchers independently published the PRL symmetry breaking papers higsov bozon similar conclusions: The field required for this to happen which was purely hypothetical at the time became known as the Higgs field after Peter Higgsone of the researchers and the mechanism by which it led to symmetry breaking, known as the Higgs mechanism.


A key feature of the necessary field is that it would take less energy higsov bozon the field to have a non-zero value than a zero value, unlike all other known fields, therefore, the Higgs field has a non-zero value or vacuum expectation everywhere. It was the first proposal capable of showing how the weak force gauge bosons could have mass despite higsov bozon governing symmetry, within a gauge invariant theory.

Although these ideas did not gain much initial support or attention, by they had been developed into higsov bozon comprehensive theory and proved capable of giving "sensible" results that accurately described particles known at the time, and which, with exceptional accuracy, predicted several other particles discovered during the following years.

There was not yet any direct evidence that the Higgs field existed, but even without proof of the field, the accuracy of its predictions led scientists to believe the theory might be true.

By the s the question of whether or not the Higgs field existed, and therefore whether or not the entire Standard Model was correct, had come to be regarded as one of the most important unanswered questions in particle physics. Higgs field[ edit ] According to the Standard Model, a field of the necessary kind the Higgs field exists throughout space and breaks certain symmetry laws of the electroweak interaction.

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When the weak force bosons acquire mass, this affects their range, which higsov bozon very small. For many decades, scientists had no way to determine whether or not the Higgs field existed, because the technology needed for its detection did not exist at that time.

If the Higgs field did exist, then it would be unlike any other known fundamental field, but it also was possible that these key ideas, or even the entire Standard Model, were somehow higsov bozon.

Unlike other known fields such as the electromagnetic fieldhigsov bozon Higgs field is scalar and has a non-zero constant value in vacuum.